HoS 716

"An ESO, Susie the Floozy and Mark Mothersbaugh New Xmas"
Rev. Susie the Floozy's "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse special (from WREK-Atlanta) on y2K -- her UNGODLY FINE media barrage edits and (on side 2) her Final Rant. Stang delivers his 12-31-99 New Years Eve Millennium Rant/Report with a big "Don't Kill Yourself, Weirdo" pep talk. Lots of music from Mark Mothersbaugh's new Christmas CD, "Joyeaux Mutato." (Inc. "Soylent Night." PLUS!!! ESO RADIO's last 20th century show: "Bob" taught Jim Morrison, The Last Few Moments, 25th Century Wish List; Susie's Rant: "Let's March into the Year 2000 BC!" ESO w/ Friday Jones, "The Consitution Will Burn," Bleepo calls in for FINAL COUNTDOWN!!


STANG AND PUZZLING EVIDENCE TOGETHER AGAIN (with Princess Wei R. Doe) on KPFA-Berkeley, 12-16-99!! Jes' lak the olden days, only NOW and FINAL! Intermixed with ESO Radio 12-2-99 with Friday Jones, plus GREAT intricate collage-music and rockin' sickness by: METALMEN! THE FLYIN' RYAN BROTHERS! THE JETHROS! Stang delivers the Official y2K Rant; Jethros "Auld Angst Mein"; KPFA Stang-Wellman-Wei: Cleveland and Atlanta burn in Y2k - show-collision conflagration; Friday Jones versus Commie Xmas on ESO, Stang quotes Nenslo and Legume on Millennium, Seattle riots; old-style KPFA Stang-Wellman on Limbaugh cactus sex, Janor lawyers, "Bob" in Heaven, too many Dougs, Big Sister... drowning in bongwater.

HoS 714
"Frappy New Year"
RERUN of #667, 1-1-99 show... great Nov. '83 KPFA SubG; ESO Vol. 12 collage, "Relax & Float Downstream"; Part 2 of Firesign Theater's "Give Me Immortality"; ESO Radio 1-1-99, New Years show, Chas song "NeX Day" and other ESO 12-10-98; Stang reads Popess Lilith's prophecy; report on the Robert Anton Wilson/SubG show; SubG New Years clebration phone-in between Ohio and Texas clenches.

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