HOUR OF SLACK 576 -- "X-Day Series 1"

Stang Not Insane (a.m. mutterings on handheld deck -- listen closely and you'll hear a cuckoo clock go off at the most appropriate imaginable moment) Host tries to justify his mental illness.

H-348 replay rant, "What will Trigger The End Times?"
Rev. Susie the Floozy pushes wrong button in the radio station, destroys world

Servant of NHGH show start
Interspersed with: NastyStang piss-off rant clips, misc.

Improv X-Day rant, rant on "Bob" (Hendrix "9 to the Universe" bg)

Hendrix clip "Valleys of Neptune"
"Your Music will help us conquor your planet" clip

BILL T. MILLER: "X-DAY'S A-COMIN'" (studio version)

Heaven's Gate cult death MB from Nightline clips

Dr. DYNASOAR on the air, local station, on THE COMET and X-DAY

Stang reads Heaven's Gate vs. Normal religion comparison essay from THE NATION, and reads about the Church's Satanic Illuminati connections as described in PARANOIA magazine. (BG music: Hendrix "Born Under a Bad Sign" and Ozric Tentacles) plus improvisational blithering.


Satan (played by Jesus) thanks Stang for the frappy and the souls.

Incredible "TWILITE ZONE RAP" (?) by DR. OCTOGON (?) From radio show about aliens sent us by Dr. Dynasoar. This is a rivetting rap duet that sounds like Brag of the SubGenius crossed with The X-Files. More info about these rap-genre arteests would be appreciated.

HoS 348 Stang rant "Royal Jelly Enema: Trigger of the End Times" rant (cowrit by G. Gordon Gordon)

PAPA JOE MAMA sermon: "X-DAY" (His primordial X-Day sermon, with War of the World references) from HoS 348

QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE: "Pride of Man" (That this classic gospel/psychedelic tune has not been covered by some modern day band is itself a DEFINITE sign of the End Times)

DR. K'TADEN LEGUME" -- XDay rant from SubG World Tour, Madison devival, from the SubGenius devival CD (excerpt)

Stang and Satan

RapGuy from Space (another mystery tune, unexplained, from that radio tape Dynasoar sent)

NENSLO: "Take Me Off to Space" original, recorded in his kitchen, with bg vocals by Seth Deitch, Donna Kossy, Pagan Kennedy

H-348 "After X-Day rant" by Rev. Stang
ends with actual real-life power failure

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