Hour of Slack 693


ESO Swamp Radio cont: 7-8-99: Stang and Dave, spooky: All Your Mighty Works Are for Nothing; They're in the Room with You... in the TAPE HISS; We use your brain as the 'envelope' for 'letters' between Elder Gods; -- it's Nothing Personal; this world is likew that old dog that got too sick; I remember evolving into the Conspiracgy; Mother Nature showed us What-For; Mercury First; Mars will be real tropical in 3 hours; Dave's abduction: hologram of Nicola Tesla;

ESO live at XX-Day Brushwood: "BANG A GONG" -- radio con't: What You Missed at XX-Day rant by Chas, Stang, Dave; We must get off -- ride the tail of the comet; End of the World Scam; END OF SHOW sad music "Take Me Home" sign-off

LITTLE FYODOR: "All My Clothes Are Uncomfortable" live at XX-Day

Stang does credits w/ ESO "Lair of the Termite Queen" from CD "WITCH DISCO"; discusses XX-Day and WCSB radio, on the road; leering lair spout

ESO Swamp Radio 7-15-99 (Side 2) Sleezy Stangophile Bobbie pervert voice... Friday Jones and the Panty Matter Wisdom Teat

ESO Vol 5 Wizard of Oz clip

XX-Day Devival (Rev. Stang and ESO) "X-Day a failure?? We fooled the Normals into thinking it was gonna be THAT EASY"; "Bob" Fucked Up; World Ends TOMORROW; We're Religious Nuts!; Isn't Reality Itself a Superstition?

little clip: THE TIME MACHINE (book on tape, H. G. Wells, read by Leonard Nimoy)

XX-Day Mutant Prom recordings: Jesus announces the raising of the Dome over Brushwood encampment to fend off tornadoes which were destroying nearby towns

REV. MODEMAC'S GRADUATION RAP (live, XX-Day Brushwood, Rev. Aaron on mouth drums)

XX-Day Devival Stang & ESO con't: "Some were pissed they didn't get to destroy the planet for $30 -- they should be damn glad that Heaven's Gate didn't get to 'em first!"

ESO Vol 12 intro collage: Christian radio collage... old Time Machine type radio play. "So pink and hard"; ESO 1999 Frappy New Year, Old Man 1998 with his crashed saucer and pink feathers, into the pond... pornography revelations; GGG on Sidereal Mountain Climb


THE TIME MACHINE (book on tape, H. G. Wells, read by Leonard Nimoy) -- finally figuring out that the Morlocks raise and eat the Eloi

ESO 12 revelations clips

ESO Vol. 5 -- great Chas X-Day rant over Donovan's "Atlantis" song -- into the mitochondrial Yeti DNA Level C... fillin' a New Pipe, break the seal to the Other Side; from the valley I hear the muffled cry of them poor sheeple. We're gonna build the vessels if we have to... Mitochondrial Eve, Thanks for the ride; we'll take it from here!"

ESO Radio 7-15-99: Friday, Dances with Rockets, Stang, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Mojo narrate tapes of the Mass Rocket Launch Mass; Only 11 months left; XXX-Day; 200,000 People into Space for $200,000 each; Only 11 days left -- might be July 29th!; Friday rises Up all Light and Clean and Fluffy; Cowboys vs. Yankees in Space; I live on Jekyll Island; The Wisdom Whip; Mojo mentions Third Asshole -- now Stang can't stop thinking about it; Rocketbutt's Blue Shock Diamonds; Electroshockwave therapy is not very natural; FCC Radio Ban on Concepts, not just words; Stang bitter God Doesn't Want Competition rant; doesn't want you to lick the Wisdom Eye; doesn't want you to know about that fig leaf. But you're GONNA. As soon as God said not to, that's when He knew you were going to!" -- !! "I AM A CLONE" song live at XX-Day as Mojo in light suit is worshipped by audience as he ascends; electrocutions, narrated in studio. 1,000 tiny Papa Joes and 1,000 tiny Fridays... an endless civilization of pain!"; The Biler Fluids and Real Pain; Dave's moonpants are breached.

Island of Dr. Moreau clip: There Is Still Law. "The Father hasn't left us... that is what I will tell the others..."

Devival XX-Day "The World Ends on Monday: CHURCH HOLIDAY! Get off work paid. If you can't get off the planet, at least get off work."

THE TIME MACHINE great Eloi & Morlocks explanation, read by Leonard Nimoy

Devival: XX-Day Too Good to Believe? But it is coming. Invite me to your Escape Vessel Planet; Martian Grand Canyons; What All Your Enemies Have in Common

ESO 7-15-99 (side 2 con't): Bang a Gong bg: Basking in Slack, Basque calls, Basque giggin'; Gigging Mermaids; 10th Dimensional String Theory; GOD IS the POINT; PCP and One Dimensional Creatures; Friday's Panty Matter and the Glory Hole; Jump Into the Black Friday Hole -- JUST JUMP! Reverse centrifuge... it always comes out The Other Side. Friday plays lead guitar on "Bang a Gong". "For a guitar player who's not dead, she's really good!" All Hail Pete Conrad;

"From up here in the Escape Vessels, we see the Earth blinking and winking below"...

The Time Machine far-future end of the planet, sun burn-out pitiful silent world peter-out of the solar system."I slackened speed..." (ESO new CD music mixed in)

Stang does end PO Boxes over ESO (good spooky version)

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