Hour of Slack 696 -- The Perfect Harmony of "Bob"


ESO Space Trance bg music with Stang reading very end rant in "Rama Revealed" (Gentry Lee and Arthur C. Clarke) -- What God Is Really Doing

Friday Jones sf-radio intro -- Title

Stang reading RAMA REVEALED continued: God is seeking the perfect mathematical set that will always produce universes that end in Harmony. The Church is God's tool for monitoring His own success... (Slightly paraphrased from the original sci fi book)

ESO Swamp Radio, WCSB Cleveland 7-15-99: Dave's Psychic Hotline Friend, Stang and Dave do some psychic fortunetelling; Stang's psychic friend "Asmodeus"; LICK THE WISDOM EYE, The 10th Dimension

RAMA REVEALED reading to end of God rant
... stang then does credits, XX-Day spontaneorant, discusses our new CD "Bob's" Punctured Eardrum

Song "I WANNA DIE FOR "BOB" original drinking song by Unknown

DK Jones "Hirasaki" under Stang rant, "We'll be THE most prepared cult members!", then reading the English retranslation of the Brazilian translation of a Church P.R. interview with a Brazilian magazine

ESO Radio 7-15-99: "No, we won't stop all talking at once, you just have to stop smoking so much pot"

Einstein's Secret Orchestra song "Faith Healer" live at XX-Day, Brushwood


Frederick Thordendal "Sol Niger Within"

"Hymn 99" G. Don trubey (song aka "Pipe in the Sky")

Stang on Clyde Lewis GROUND ZERO show, on Monica Leinsky; Human Bashing

The Firesign Clones (at Starwood 99) -- excerpt from Firesign Theater's "How Can You Be In Two Places AT Once"

The Firesign Theater "The 3 Faces of Al" excerpt

ESO live at XX-Day -- tail end of "Solar Fire"

Stang at Starwood 99: from CD: "The World Ends Tomorrow to "Reality is a Superstition"

The Bran Flakes cut 17

XX-Day 99 Devival, Stang and ESO: "Y-0k Bug" to "Build Your Own Ship" (Cut 2, 5:05 to 8:53)

ESO Radio 7-15-99: Antimatter Panties of Friday, Dead Guitar Players, Mermaid Sex with Friday

Credits and PO boxes

ESO song from "Bob's" Punctured Eardrum CD: "Wilderness of "Bob"

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