HoS 423 script

Ah yes Dear friends this is your host, prayer partner, and curse partner, Rev. Ivan Stang. I couldn't come down to the radio station tonight, so I'm producing the program from the skyscraper headquarters of the SubGenius Foundation. We're not transmitting the signal by telephone wires or shortwave, however, no... but by the sheer force of PURE WILL. Yes, Rev. Will O'Dobbs, PURE Will... the one you hear muttering in the background... hi, Will. Yes, Will is so PURE. Uh-huh. Yeah. Sure. About as "pure" as most of his fellow SubGeniuses. Pure as the driven snow from Siberian nuclear bomb tests. Ol' Will, he don't get paid much, in CASH, but his motives are more PURE. He knows that "Bob" has called him to selflessly minister to all those lonesome widows and spinsters in the Church, out there listenin' b'radio.
What a sacrifice Will makes each week... for you, those reaching out.

Well, I haven't put this show together yet, but it looks like another great, old-time Hour of Slack. This week I got in a new CD from Negativland, our dear friends there in Concord... we got a tape of St. Janor Hypercleats delivering a new HATE sermon to the masses in Boston last month... we got a whole Brain Rot Radio Theater and SubGenius Foundation coproduction, The Marriage of Lonesome Cowboy Dave, from a WCSB Cleveland broadcast... rare Firesign TheAter, from bootlegs... CHURCH OF NEW FAITH!!!.... Michael Peppe, Princess Wei R Doe's Tops-Up Bottoms-Down Revue, This IS Hour of Slack #423, by the way... Rev. Velveteen Sly and Sister Girlfriend from WORT Madison, Morton Downey Jr. on "Bob", The Swingin' Love Corpses, Dr. Howl's howlingly hilarious interplay with callers to the KPFA Berkeley SubGenius show, and loads of ugly Wellmanization media barrage recollage from Pizzling Ever-Dunce. And I dunno what else YET. But then... who does.

We ARE going to save the universe... THIS time.

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