Hourof Slack # 722 "MONEY," Stang-Wei on KPFA, and "Best of Media Barrage 11"

Media Barrage 11 Testimonials

Rev. Blanket Ass calls ESO radio 2-4-00

MB 11 Houston Devival clips

Stang reads Company Summary from Jesus' new BOOK

Media Barrage 11 mixed with ESO Winterstar intrumental music -- Meyer, Mothersbaugh

Stang does credits, BIG RANT on "Bob" -- the Circling NormWorms, "Bob" Ads in the Bathroom

KPFA 12-17-99 w/ Wei, Wellman, Stang: After y2K, Starwood, What happens when Nothing Happens?, Throwing Decency Off the Cliff, Great NEW AGE rant, A Does Not Equal A, guilty Stang, the Greed Teat and the Conspiracy, "Bob" Said it was The Money

ESO Radio 1-27-00 -- Bonelss Clones, Zero Gravity Chicken, We Sold Out, Deep Sea Fish, "Horizontal Moon 5"

Media Barrage 11 clips w/ ESO music

KPFA continued : Y-10Billion-K Bug,

The Judgement: The Unprofitable Servant

Hellish PO Box


ESO and Media Barrage 11 Nina Hagen

GREAT ESO Radio 1-27-00 -- Chas versus the X-Day Hostesses, Supposed to be Xists! "LEAKING ESCAPE VESSEL SKIT" w/ Dave

KPFA 12-27-99 -- Gary G'Broagfran's CONNIE song, The Dokstok Thunderstorm is Part of the Band

ESO 2-4-00 -- Missed Erection Backfires, Stang drizzles grossly, Chas is Best Prof, Ironic Sex Lives, Squid Sex lives, funny ad for Euclid Tavern show, Funny Band Names, Dave Gives a Speech, Tim Weiry, Dave's Hippie Days

ESO music w/ THE JUDGEMENT "The Tale Bearer"

MB 11


MB 11 -- There is a "Bob"

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