7-21-00 Hour of Slack 744 on CD!

Isn't it a WONDER what FREEDOM, or else what a FANCY PRISON, some NICE NEW EQUIPMENT can allow one!

I just cut my first Hour of Slack all-digitally -- that is, with everything being recorded and mixed on my hard drive instead of on, metal cassette tape, and then sent out to the stations on CD.

Fucking god damn CDs cost a buck to send, in their plastic case! Gotta use those cardboard sleeves instead. And the paper label are a pain in the ass to apply.


Or near-hisslessness. This particular first show, or set of shows, #'s 744 through 746, is almost all XXX-Day audio that was taken either from good DAT recordings made by paid pro Regis Sedlock off the sound board, or else taken from the stereo hifi location sound off my High 8 video camera.

Incidentally, I DROPPED that High-8 camera of mine the other night and BROKE it. Eats tape now. That's what I get for "feeling lucky" and trying to disconnect it in the dark rather than cross the room and turn on the light... just 'cause I was nekkid at the time and didn't want the neighbors AGAIN see the scary white man all starkers through his window. Another $200 repair job for ProCam. Good thing I extracted all the frame-grabs and audio from it first. Can't dub any X, XX, or XXX-Day video till it's fixed, though. My son has sugegsted I move up to a High 8/Digital 8 camera. The DV cams are still aways out of our range.

But fuck that, I was bragging about this long awaited new stage of Hour of Slack production. Took me three damn days on nonstop effort and $300 worth of an Orb drive and disks, but I think I have the system down.

I had played around with digital sound editing before, but on my old gear, everything took so long that it wasn't worth it. And I didn't have the 3 gigs extra storage space you need when you're editting several hours of footage down, film-style, into a documentary.

What I REALLY LIKE about this is that, after all these years, I can get back to cutting film-style (that is, all every-which-way, in bits and pieces) rather than video-style (linear, from start to end, hard to lengthen or shorten a segment once it's laid down). Some shows don't require that, but some, like this XXX-Day footage, beg to be treated more like National Geographic specials... more journalistically. WHICH I ENJOY DOING!! Spent 20 years cutting nonfiction films. If I want to do shows normal radio-style, from start to end in real-time, I can still do that too.

So far I have sent out Hour of Slack #744, which is just a kind of best-of cross section of rants and songs from XXX-Day, but I have rough cuts of #745 -- "THE PASTOR CRAIG MARTYRDOM SPECIAL" -- and #746, "ANOTHER BITTER SEVEN A.M.". They both "tell a story." Although FORTY STRAIGHT MINUTES OF CRAIG TORTURE alternating with wonderful CRAIG WORSHIP seems a bit obsessive now that I've done it... I might end up blending those two together next week, when I get back from Starwood. With Craig's help we were able to track down the 1998 ESO radio show with an incredible impromptu performance of a "Pastor Craig song" which eerily presages the events of 7-2000!

JESUS!!! These devival shows are coming one after another... hardly have time to rebound from one before we're doing another one. Me and ESO have like THREE coming up in the next month and a half, PLUS I'm going to Burning Man with Philo, Puzzling Evidence, Howll and Ray Hey. All this nice healthy outdoor SUN EXPOSURE should have me looking like Freddy Kreuger by Fall.

NONETHELESS, though i haven't stopped to POST much here, I have been scanning alt.slack and in fact I just put yet MORE XXX-Day related text from a.s. onto the Post XXX-Day section of SubSITE -- so if you were one of those poor devils with no life who anxiously waits to see if your post proved "WORTHY" of "EMBALMING" in the amber of SubSITE, and thought I had snubbed you, now you can look and see if I actually STILL did. Then you'll have to wonder if I really snubbd you or was just in such a hurry that I didn't happen to catch yours.

(I honestly did not think that such people existed, in fact, as far as I could tell, no one reads ANYTHING on SubSITE, EVER. But either they're trying to make me feel better, or there really are people who give a shit if they "make it to SubSITE." Cripes, it's not like it's something to BRAG about. Look what OTHER utter creeps are all over that website. Sheesh.

Speaking of which, it's off to Brushwood for Starwood. Holy fuck, I just realized, I have to be up at 11 in the morning, TOMORROW, delivering a rant on the main stage... I guess I better come up with some subject matter quick. Can't just keep making excuses for X-day... hmmmmm... OR CAN I??!??

And then me and Wei and ESO have to do the Pufferdome devival tomorrow night. Since Lonesome Cowboy Dave is there, I won't have to come up with anything new... I'll just USE DAVE'S MOUTH!!

But after tomorrow night... why, I'm DONE, BABY!! DONE! With time left over for PURE BRUSHWOOD SLACK-HAPPY SLOTH, just like last Independence Day.

Here's the
HoS 744 LOG

HoS 744 (clean)

1 Title 00:32
2 "The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing" The Persuasions (from Frankly A Capella)
3 Stang Intro 02:21
4 "Slogan's Run 1-2" great SubTechno from Saint N
5 HellPope Huey -- first XXX-Day rant 01:40
6 Opening Ceremonies Stang 02:33
7 Slogan's Run 1-3 00:30
8 ESO and Stang, devival segment 1 04:33
9 Byron Werner rant 03:43
10 "Father of Night" ESO live version of Bob Dylan song 05:26
11 Jesus rants re: his new Church Icon 02:16
12 Saint-N "X-Day" Techno song 03:25
13 PapaJoe Mama rants, late Friday night 04:57
14 Little Fyodor: "The Blackness" 05:22
15 OrKillMe radio, 11:30 PM July 4 2000, Stang rants to the survivors 01:59
16 Stang and ESO, devival: Stang on Jeroon Van Braam's "Shut Up Like hell" 04:38
17 "Slogan's Run" end 01:00
18 Credits 02:22
19 ESO Radio, End, Stang, Dave and Chas sing along to new studio version of "Faith Healer" 08:45

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