This is the second Amsterdam Hour of Slack. It should air on WCSB next week (hearable on the web at ) and in RealAudio on SubSITE whenever the guy gets around to it.

I could put ALL the pictures onto a CD, and, either an hour of the devival in plain CD sound, or the Hour of Slack versions AND the devivals and radio show in MP3 format. But who actually LISTENS to MP3s?

HOUR OF SLACK 731 -- Amsterdam 2

RadiOnansterdam (from Vid)
ESO Radio 3-24-00 Dave keeps discussing fecal matter instead of lofty religious truths. Media Barrage 11 -- NPR's All Things Considered report of the Church, 1984 (end) Buck Naked "Drinkin' Bud Watchin' "Bob"" Stang reads Con sections from Book fo SG w/ Hendrix bg from HoS 321 Vid-RadiOnangsterdang -- "The 8th Heaven, the 11th Gate, etc." Stang & Wei describe Amsterdam buildings, the XXXs ESO Radio 4-7-00 -- On Gray Area, otis the Drunk, Don't Take the Other Half, Police State Stang and Wei on Amsterdam streets cont. Devival, Stang: "H'Sellech"! -- "Man of Many Destinations" Pope Black on SLACK and the Anti-Om Squeaky SLACK sound (streets at 3 am, from video) Stang at devival on Amsterdamians
Jesus in room describes Dutch Political Activist Mime Troupe that wanted to join us. RadiOnan -- Stang on the AutoChurch that blinks for you Rev. Velveteen Sly in Club, HoS message
Jesus requests Harley's and PCP
Stang Devival: Bob was already here! Some of us got sick... arrested.... Jesus on the Wax Head of the Prince to be ransomed Media Barrage 11 PreScriptueres clip, Sterno on the Head, KPFA Mavrides on Dobbstown w/ Gudrun Thompson Rev. CRAWFORD SMITH'S LEGAL DISCLAIMER at Devival

Side Two

Rev. CRAWFORD SMITH'S devival rant - 'Amsterdam, the Promised Land' Stang reading Book from HoS 321
Media Barrage 11 -- Predictions Collage

Rev. Crawford, cont.

ESO Radio 3-24-00 "Bash Yer Knob Off," w/ L.C. Dave Rev. Crawford Smith rant end: "NEW "BOB" ORDER" Jesus live
The Duke of Uke "Anarchy in the U.K.", end of "Ziggy Stardust" Stang at devival: "What is Slack?", "Bob" is Sex," "Make 'em look at the picture of "Bob" and they'll SEEEEEeeee!" Dr. Onan Canobite closing Anthem
PO Box
"Don't Take the Other Half" radio
JEROEN VAN BRAAM report-collage and devival excerpt

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