Hour of Slack 694 -- WOODSTAR '99

(Einstein's Secret Orchestra, Victoria Ganger and Revelry, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Halley DeVestern, Rev. Dr. Heather Hillman, Peitche Neachy, The Firesign Clones, devival, all recorded at Starwood 1999

Firesign Clones at Starwood 99 -- "How Can You Be" Ralph Spoilsport demonstrating car radio/title

ESO Swamp Radio (WCSB, Cleveland) 7-15-99 -- show open w/ Chas, Dave, Stang; song "Wilderness of Bob""

Starwood 99 Devival in the Puffer-Dome, Stang and Einstein's Secret Orchestra w/ Dances-with-Rockets, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Princess Wei: "We believe in Physical Spaceships, not Heaven in the clouds! You'd fall right through the clouds!"

Big Brother and the Holding Company with Halley DeVestern at Starwood 99" Piece of My Heart"

Stang-over: "All of that was recorded last week at Starwood... Yes, it IS Big Brother and the Holding Company. Yes, we DO have a Time Machine.

"While the Conspiracy held Woodstock 99, we went to WOODSTAR 99 -- Starwood, at Brushwood, Sherman, NY, sponsored by A.C.E. of Cleveland... where we got more GREAT recordings from StangCam, WeiCam, and Regis Sedlock of Sowndes Good Recording in Cleveland.

"The Conspiracy Woodstock gave you $16 sips of water and CRAPPY BANDS...
at Starwood we got GRAND FRAPPY, Big Brother and the Holding Company WITH Janis Joplin, and The Firesign Theater... Clones...

"The Con Stock gave you COPS... at Starwood, we got ESO! And DEVIVALS! At ConSTock, the kids burned things in anger -- at Starwood, they burned the living sacrifices for "BOB"!!

"Though we still have tons of new live and recorded XX-Day material, such as The Trial of Papa Joe Mama, I just HAVE to share these odd demonic new discoveries, in a sort of potpourrie, mostly music this show that we gleaned at Starwood... starting with:

Hally DeVestern "Animal" from "Sugar Free" CD

Stang "Y-0-K" Workshop, Starwood 99 (no ESO) -- On the Anti-SUbGenius "pagans" who complained to the Starwood organizers that we "make fun of pagans" and so should not be allowed... making fun of the titles of workshops in the Starwood schedule.

Einstein's Secret Orchestra "I Am a Clone" song (E=SO-squared)

Starwood 99 Devival in the Puffer-Dome: "Don't Open the Airlock" sequence

Rev. Dr. Heather Hillman "Organisms" from CD she gave me at XX-Day

Credits, email addresses, PO boxes

Starwood 99 Devival in the Puffer-Dome -- the Puffer Dome as spaceship filled with nitrous oxide


Peachy Neitche (live at Starwood): "Heavy Metal Wanker" song

The Firesign Clones, Starwood 99 -- "cover" of "How Can You Be In Two Places At Once When You're Not Anywhere At All" -- Antelope Freeway sequence and "Tropical Paradise" sequence (w/ Stang as "Babe," Jeff Rosenbaum as Ralph Spoilsport, also Mike Zurilla, Ian Corrigan, Bud, Prtincess Wei R. Doe,

Credits,. explanation of Firesign "cover band"

Stang "Y-0-K" Workshop, Starwood 99 (no ESO): "The Y-Too-Cool" bug. Everything that WAS cool will suddenly no longer be cool. "My computer still works but my tattoo doesn't!""

Victoria Ganger and Revelry, Starwood 99: song "Y-2-K-ing" (very funny Y2K song (good for 6 more months only)

Starwood 99 Devival in the Puffer-Dome: "They hide the microphones in your TEETH!"

Credits, PO Box

Starwood 99 Devival in the Puffer-Dome: "Thought you were gonna go down to the graveyard and be cool with that SubGenius Church, eh?" -- "God's Not Looking"

Big Brother and the Holding Company with Halley DeVestern: "Ball and Chain" excerpt

Starwood 99 Devival in the Puffer-Dome: Moonpants, Palmer and religious nonsensical objects; "Officer, have you ever read Mad Magazine?" "LIKE RATS IN THE WALLS" spontaneous Conspiracy and Day Job vs. Slack" killer CLIMAX RANT! And goodnight, parachuting out of the Puffer-Dome

A.C.E. info credits (http://www.rosencomet.com)

ESO Radio 7-15-99 -- weird side 1 church blather with Dave, Chas, Stang

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