DK Jones music clip

Hour of Slack 65 -- 67 work tape INTRO BARRAGE (oldest standard HoS intro cuts)

KPFA Hal and Puzzling Evidence show smear intro yak

The Bran Flakes cut 19 "Sex Education Record"

H-65,67: Criswell predicts;


Clyde Lewis' GROUND ZERO radio show -- Stang on Bespectacled Girls Pics on our Website

XX-Day 99 DEVIVAL Stang w/ ESO: "Your life is worth $30; Sex Day; Dance into the New Century, Screw, Sleep and Eat Your Way into the New Century!" "Slack Isn't Laziness, Hold That Thought" bit (From new CD, "XX-DAY DEVIVAL")

HoS 67 -- old Media Barrage clips, Stang discourses re: brainwashing techniques used by religious groups (such as Church of SubGenius)

Media Barrage clips (GGG, Philo, Sterno)

Einstein's Secret Orchestra "Sounds of Silence" (studio version from E=SOsquared CD)

ESO Swamp Radio, WCSB Cleveland, 7-30-99 (Near end of Side 1) Lonesome Cowboy Dave's Dream of the Stock Market; , Licking the Friday Jones Wisdom Eye; Dave left alone in the studio with Friday; Snuggling with Friday Jones in the Tuna Can Space Capsule

Stang decries the fate of KPFA in Berkeley (Frederick Thorendal bg music)

Little Fyodor "I Don't Know What to Do" recorded live at XX-Day (Stang narrates re: Fyodor's appearance and spazz-dance style during musical breaks, gives:

Little Fyodor & Babushka PO Box 973, Boulder CO 80306


HoS68 intro "Bob's" My Friend", old Dallas TV report on SG; some KPFA Puz-Ev "We're tuning in on You right now..."; "Someone show us what to DO!";"Bob" Loves You sampler practice de Stanko

Q&A from XX-Day: "Who Is "Bob"? answers by Stang ("His Slack has to come from SOMEWHERE..."; The Pipe controlling Dobbs), Susie the Floozy: ""Bob" is Love, gone horribly wrong like a big fist up your ass." , Legume: "When you're drowning in the middle of the ocean, "Bob" is a grilled cheese sandwich"; Papa Joe

Starwood Devival in Pufferdome -- Stang w/ ESO: "SubGenius Anthem" end (song by Dave);
SHORT DURATION MARRIAGE (new improv version) costarring the crowd. (From "STARWOOD PUFFERDOME DEVIVAL" CD)

Loke E. Coyote "Super Miss Cheevious" (epic pagan rap/folk/SubGenius song) from CD "Rhythms of Spring" (http://www.wiccabilly.com) -- funny paganesque cocktail lounge futurismo SFX bongo spouting by Rev. Trickster (not the Dallas Rev. Trixter) includes "Bob" Dobbs chant/rant in midst of explanation of new "God and Goddess Chant". (In instrumental break, Stang blabs re: SubGenius Pagans)

From Seeland release EXTRACTED CELLULOID (http://www.negativland.com):
Natasha Spencer "The House She Flew In On" (AMAZING! THE WIZARD OF OZ movie collaged into pornography)
also from Extracted Celluloid:
Pedro Rebelo "Just Cartoon Music" (collage of Warner Bros/Stallings cartoon music)

Stang does http://www.rtmark.com plug, P.O. Boxes and credits under:
Gehenna "Made to Suffer" from "Malice" (UFO abduction TV special clips over Death/Power Metal instrumental)

HoS 67: "That's Your Key Phrase" subliminals "We Are Controlling Transmission"; Cleve song fade under hip-hop DJ from old KNON Dallas HoS show.

"On Top of Old Smokey All Covered with Sand" by Sivet or Ydnax Stang (I honestly can't tell which it is, it's so YOUNG!"

Sterno and Janor ancient tape, "They make us sleep on boards!"

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