HoS 704 -- ESO 9-23-99 and More Music show

2nd show in Cleveland


New HoS Intros from ESO Radio 9-30-99 "Listening in on Radio" (Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Bleepo Abernathy) -- "This Little Tape Fell from Stang's Highest Shelf"

X-Day 98 video soundtrack: Legume on Bloody Swath, Evangela on Shooting Load at Gods, Jesus on Armageddon

Susie's Connie Klips

KPFA Vol. 10 -- Puzzling Evidence, Palmer Vreedeez, Gary G'Broagfran, Dr. Howll -- /KPFA H-79-b "1960s", Hal's "Buckler" rant


RANTS: with bg music by Captain Beefheart ("Moody Liz Take 8" from Mirror Man sessions re-release), and The Ventures Outer Space album -- "The Twilite Zone";and "Rockabilly Yodel":

Quotes by James Fennimore Cooper and Engels from "Great Thoughts" -- cool anti-religion quotes;

"Stick and Ball" versus "Rock and Stick" impromptu rant ("Get on Stick and Ball"); Franken-Einstein's Secret Orchestra


Stang on our beliefs -- how we're not crazy nuts like those other space brother kooks -- building our own ships.

James Kochalka Superstar: "BAD ASTRONAUT"

Stang gives credits, PO Boxes

ESO Radio (WCSB) 9-23-99: Chas Smith, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Ivan Stang: "Satellite Viewing the Earth via World Wide Web spy-eye space sites (www.fourmilab); viewing bedrooms from space satellites -- Chupacabra jerky -- Molting in Australia but stranded on Earth, no record deal -- Chas accidentally destroys Dobbstown II in Bolivia by triggering a nuclear attack when he thought he was only 'zooming in' from the satellite website

KPFA Vol. 10 -- Show Stopper w/ Mavrides, Wellman, Hughes; The Future of the Church; Turning off the Radio and Slacking Off. But where was the Show?

Stang gives Encyclopedia Cthuliana address


Qubais Reed Ghazala -- cut #3 "Silence the Voice of Prophecy" from Gravikords, Whirlies and Pyrophones CD (and book)

ESO 9-23-99 clip con't. "Can I Ha-loosen it for ya?"

Hour of Intros early '80s HoS tapes: Stang scary "Pulling the Devil's Leg"

ESO con't.: Pride in American Advertising Seen from Space; the cosmic perspective afforded by zooming down from whole planet to porno views inside human bedrooms; the Hind Side of the Moon

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult "FINAL BLINDNESS" from 13 Above the Night (sex samples song, with clips from Dragnet, Midnight Cowboy) "Up and Down"

ESO con't: "Up and Down" Space Satellite Porno on the Internet -- The earth looks so noble until you zoom in close... human bondage crimes in Iowa seen from the Tuna Can in space, our orders Not to Interfere in Earth Affairs -- This Exploits Women -- We're Only A Mirror of Your Sick Society -- Putting a Magnifying Glass on the Reflection of your Disease... Stang pukes

Thrill Kill Kult "teenagers endlessly searching for sex" song continues

"Back Side of Dallas" song clip from Susie's

Thrill Kill Kult song ends

ESO continues: "American International presents: THE UGLIEST MONSTER starring John Agar and Beverly Garland!" -- Teenage Monster SubGenii -- Friday Jones and the Invasion of the Saucermen, how they became her Love Slaves --

Friday Jones reads BANNED PRESCRIPTURES (Esquivel in bg from Earnie Kovaks Record Collection)

ESO con't: "Destroy All Humans" -- So These Are Our Escape Vessels, So These Are Our Sex Goddesses! -- "I Don't Praise "Bob" for the TASTE, Man"

Stang does credits, introduces BIZARRE but SYNCHRONISTIC clips just found: KPFA ancient prophecy moments, "What Happened to the 60s?" and Puzzling Evidence 1982 prophecy featuring Stang's divorce, Sterno's future, Janor getting rich.

Ernie Kovaks Record Collection "Hot Cakes and Sausage"

Little Fyodor and Babushka live at XX-Day 99: "I Don't Know What to Do"

Stang does "Bob," Stang and ESO PO Boxes (Zoogz Rift tune in BG "In the Ultimate Scheme of Things")

ESO 9-23-99: "FROP GOOD" Davenstein bit, Alice Cooper "I Love the Dead"

Stang last second credit plug for http://www.subgenius.com

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