HoS 428

MB - Title -- MORE title! --

"Ain't Nobody's Bizness" -- Billie Holiday

More 428 -- Sven Kristenson MB from SOMETHING NEW TO DIE FOR

Susie's Show, WREK Atlanta: Mike Ro Phone's Repression Rant

CD: Skot Lee Wilson "BURN"

428 -- Kristenson MB, Francis E. Dec, WFMU Mind Control premium tape

Susie's show: "On the Rag" by the Sterilles"

CD: Peter Blegford "Driver's Seat"

Work Tape 427: Frappin' Music SLC, "WILD TRIP," Bob & the Devil, MB, Nurse & Kids, "Bob" Saved," Butthole Surfers?
KPFA Hal -- Alley Oop, Pyramids, Old Hal!


Susie's Tape: "This Planet's a Mess", Fred Schneider

Negativland Electricity

Voodoo Mark Band "Fighting"

Bamboo Bimbo

JFK Vavoom

West Coast Head?

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