Hour of Slack #567 "Stang's New Mike"

(Feb.19 1997)

Despite flu and an epidemic of Squabblin' Bobbies, the Show must go on.


Stang tests out his brand new mike; Joe Auffricht Intro; Title w/ KPFA Theme World

MR. SMILEY song, "We Are SubGeniuses, We Must Have Slack"

Stang credits this new, Devo-ish SubGenius band from SF.

Side One of this show is almost nonstop Stang monolog, slipping from homey preacher to crazy megalomaniac to serious newscaster, etc., rapid fire, probably due to sheer enthusiasm over new microphone, and happy to be getting over bad flu. (Lots of good notes and news of various other SubGenius projects had stacked up.)

Background music is by Zoogz Rift (misc, instrumentals from VILLAGERS) and by Huge Voodoo/ DK Jones from recent Ambient tapes. Also some Cosmic Triad (El Diablo)


News on Holy Wafer Theivery and potential for Christ-cloning from Host.

The X-Day Drill, in July
Asks for X-Day Song suggestions

Having Quit Smoking, Now to Quit Peeing

The New Salute description

CHURCH SELLING OUT -- New Ad Slogans for sale

(Misc. great lines and quotes from notes hither and yon, faked together into:
X-DAY rant

Letters from Listeners -- guy saved by "Bob" from shotgun blast; Rev. Paul cums

Stang totally gives away his main CD-ROM and SubG sci-fi novel ideas, reading from recent notes made in delerium.



Susie the Floozy's "CONNIE AND "BOB"" COLLAGE Side 2
Astounding Media Barrage style clips collage

REAGAN'S POLYP: "Get the Gilgamesh Pumpin'" plus "Tunky the Talking Bear" (both censored before the lines about "HE HAS HIS DICK OUT...")

JESSICA KANE: "Intro," "HackSplat," "You're In a Jar, Tadpole"

PANTHER MODERNS (John Shirley): "You're the Reason"

Credits, addresses. Sacred PO Box. Stang then reads crucial passages re: The Middle Man" from John Shirley's new sf novel, SILICON EMBRACE

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