Yetis for "Bob" "Sampling Virus Barrage" clips/TITLE/

DJ Leif in Hell weird mix

Negativland SEXDIRT clip

Rev. Susie the Floozie's showbiz "Bob" collage cont.

G. Gordon Gordon "THIS IS DOBBD ON HIS GREAT WHITE HARSE" SubGenius monument statues tour guide

Einstein's Secret orchestra "Salvador Dali Parton" (from '91 best-of)

KPFA Dr. Howll and Puzzling Evidence misc.

Stang describes SXSW outreach, credits, reads odd Hell bit from Greg Bear's Queen of Angels

Susie's collage cont

Bill T. Miller/ Kings of Feedback "KILL "BOB""

Jim Morrison live in Miami (the rant he did when he was busted for whacking his willie onstage)


Einstein's Secret Orchestra 2-97 w/ Stang and Princess Wei "R" Doe, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, ESO:
"Amputated BBQ Rats and Winking Lizard BBQ Sauce Ad"


Various songs from The MISFITS CD (Pythonesqueish Brit satirical songs, many styles):

Bob Van Krap, "It's Krap"
Christina Hughes "My Favorite Things"
Markle Sparkle "Narrow Escape"
Georgina Dobbson, "The Message"
Dr. Stewart "It's Cool"

PO Box

ESO: South American Border Shakedown

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