HOS 606 -- Cleveland Devival, Legume "Drowning in Shit," ESO radio wars

mixed 11-19-0 b.x.

The Cleveland show was very crisply recorded, even the band (!!). Dr. Legume's sermon is a real classic (though I don't look forward to blanking the 50 cusswords tomorrow), and the Einstein's Secret Orchestra sections all work uncannily with other stuff that randomly entered the mix.

Praise WANDARER for keeping these up at SubSITE in RealAudio for play-on-command! (http://www.subgenius.com/ts/hos.html)


Intro clips from KPFA-Negativland, also Dr. Mr. John Casual's Media Barrage tape

Ego Plum music in bg:
Stang does intro, News from THE ONION (ACLU Defends Nazi's Rights to Burn Down ACLU Building, Hot Sexy Girls Want Guys Just Like You)

IrRev. Friday Jones reads SEX HINTS from The Book of the SubGenius

Dr. K'taden Legume, sermon, live at Euclid Tavern Devival, Cleveland, just before Halloween -- "DROWNING IN YOUR OWN SHIT"


Music by Dr. Onan Canobite: "COUNTDOWN" with reading of Nazi Liquor news

Dr. John Casual Media Barrage clips

EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA secret radio show, 11-13-97, Stang and Chas discuss the War Against Mars, again

Stang reads Jack London's account of his experiences in the war, from WAR OF THE WORLDS -- GLOBAL DISPATCHES (music in bg is Drs. 4 "Bob" "Can't Hide" instrumental, Gene Splice solo)

Chris Peterman "When the Angels are made into Giants they will stomp the planet"

EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA secret radio show, 10-30-97, with Stang, LC Dave, Wei, Chas, Michele --
"The Pansy from Planet X" continued,
"Bob" and The Head on The Moon,"
"Bob's Rough Trade,"
EXCELLENT PO BOX-giving, segues into
"ON X-DAY" operatic Les Mis type song!!!

"FAITH HEALER" Einstein's Secret Orchestra recorded live, at Euclid Tavern

NOTE: For EGO PLUM music (it's a KILLER CD of Nina Rota/Mothersbaughian cartoon music!) see http://www.ebolamusic.com

For ESO see http://www.wcsb.org

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