Clyde Lewis intros Stang -- ESO Vol 16 "Man from Texas ; KPFA Glassmadness Stang intro; Sexhurt tape rant; "What shall we call our school?"
Title ; X-Day vid "Armed Wackos"
Susie's "GET THE HELL OUTA SCHOOL" collage (Simpson clips)
Ground Zero (Clyde Lewis host) intros Stang; disappointed to be on Earth
X-Day video -- Friday: maybe "Bob" will make a deal
Shakespeare death rant from Susie's Apocalypse show "Stuff as dreams are made of"
Stang describes show theme:
MB about UFOs w/ Young Technocrats cuts
ESO 16 -- "Superstitious beliefs, icons", Wilderness of BOB
Stang on Clyde Lewis Ground Zero -- capsule summary of X-Day

Stang blathers re XX-Day and salvation... the Harvest; credits Susie for her "Get the Hell Outa School" Special; (ESO Winterstar music in bg) we have the solution to the problem of humans: XX Day; spooky
from Oldest Media Barrage: "You can stand behind a miracle ministry"; "Mark of the Beast will be introduced"; "Bob" Dobbs the high muckety-muck; Young Technocrats MB weirdness

ESOVol 16: misc. ESO quick-clips

GROUND ZERO: Stang explains X-Day in one very long, complex sentence ending in, "... Bob trying to distinguish between who was useful and who wasn't by who sent him $30."

NIGHT OF THE HUNTER: Robert Mitchum does H.A.T.E. vs. L.O.V.E. rant

Phil Jones TRAMAPOLINE music in bg:
Stang: But they did not believe... we must hunt them down and teach them... to keep them from idle hands. Give them a light, a way, a halftone face. They need a PICTURE of GOD; Bob is a stand in. Why not Bob? The kind of savior you can be alone with.

X-Day X-shaped contrails in air over the campground. Stang reads from Nexus clips about weather and health modification by gov't, connected to X-shaped contrails dropping germ warfare test germs, strange chemical experiments; airborne tankers seeding the atmosphere so US aerospace can "own the weather" by 2025... could this be the CULLING??!? The Bilderburgers wanting to reduce population? Testing their culling devices? But it's 1 month 14 days to X-Day. Are you still filled with hate and no slack? We can't take away your hate... it makes you you. But we do want to give you slack, cause we have more than we need.


ESO 4-29 -- blackness of space astronaut quotes -- very cosmic
Friday and Stang, Dave and Chas re: Wei gets off; in the east hemisphere you flush back UP; it's soothing on Uranus. Producer Friday... Friday and Saturday mixed up; we're too noisy for the drummers and the pagans, but not for the Baptists. The African Homeless Gay and Lesbian drummers. Playing at the Hitlerdrome with the giant alabaster Hitler head witht he rug for a mustache. We're the detritus... "this stuff is all radio theater." Had to censor us to save free speech. Killing enough humans for peace, Purity of Eloi... Here Comes Everybody. At the end, you climb up that portal, and there you are in that desert at the end of THX1138. But other SubGenii will climb up out of other movies, like A BOY AND HIS DOG.
One cell, one voice, one Dave, one thought.

Stang rant at X-Day re: X-Day misconceptions.

Stang on Ground Zero -- the Sex Goddesses DID NOT ARRIVE... shocked, hung over... "Come to me" seance tape. It was disappointing, to not be able to torture everyone who ever irritated you, NOT to be ruptured up, etc., BUT! Did that ever stop the Jehovah's Witnesses? In Revelation X there are NUMEROUS PROVISOS...


Old Media Barrage "DOKTOR" barrage.... (Byron Werner)

Susie the Floozy: classrooms and guns collage (much Simpson clips)

ESO Vol. 16 collage short clips "We must get off" Persecution is lot of the believer"; Earth is finished;

ESO 4-27-99: XX-Day launchings discussed w/ bold surrealism. Somehow keeps leading in to "Trenchcoat Mafia" and teen hate.

Susie's: Killer of the Class of 53; you a student?; Simpsons gun and school clips; "BUY A GUN" --

Susie "guns and purse"

ESO 4-27-99 -- Mushroom Cloud good on Pizza -- "It's a white thing, you wouldn't understand" -- stupid drug talk mixed with rocketry jargon mixed with high school massacre jargon
Giant X Contrails in the sky -- Dave already knew. Giant Xs in the sky... who makes the O's?
War in the Middle East... they blamed Marilyn Manson for it. When Jesus heard about the massacre: "... no Internet connection has been found yet." Used to say "...no SubGenius connection yet." The body-length floss rope that you swallow and floss your body with hours later.
Dave: everybody's gone more nuts than me and it scares me. Legume the voice of reason.
Long thing about not killing.
It's a LOVE religion!
The good Friday and the bad Friday. I've got some Hyde-ers and some Jeckyll-ers. Got any Moreau-ers?

Susie collage: Simpson gun clips,

CREDITS with Phil Jones TRAMAPOLINE in bg...

Susie's continued.: Simpsons, He's changing, Bad Girls,...

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