Hour of Slack 723 The One World Advertiser

Media Barrage 11, KPFA 12-99 clips

Title, MB 11 Hal


ESO Radio 2-11-00 What was the topic? Hacker People; The Code in the Hiss

RANT about "BOB" with bg music by MITHOTYN

MB 11 Meyer on "Bob"

Rev. Eris Pagana's call-in to WHAD radio re: Dobbs

Media Barrage 11: Meyer's 1st Rant, GGG lecture, Buck


ESO 1-20-00 The New Calendar of XXX-Day, the Girls of XXX-Day, Miss SubG XXX Day should be a PILE OF CLOTHES (ruptured); Groupies of "Bob" and the Hierarchy; Dave's Commie Utopia; Not a Legitimate Protest group; Credibility and Bluff, Wolf Howls, Dave in the Wrong Body

THE BUTTON w/ ESO "You Freaking Out Yet?"
The DNA Broth


KPFA 01-27-00 -- Dr. Howl on snapping consumer cog dogs -- Caller re: them jabbering; reminiscing the Show

ESO radio 1-27-00 "The Early Days of Apollo Flights butt eating

EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA from unreleased E=SO squared: Dave's Cajun Jam mixed w/ Media Barrage 11 clips

OPETH: "Godhead's Lament"

Credits and PO

ESO 2-11-00 Dromnoggles and Surveilance -- The John Lennon Glasses Collection -- The One World Advertiser -- Every Station has a Dave; Stang is darted; What'll we do about the Company? Trouser Snake Juggling; "Bob" Smokes Himself... the worm of the DNA... The HISS!!!

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