HoS 745 log -- Pastor Craig Special

1 Title 02:55
2 Stang intro (see below) 01:23
3 04-Stang3- Jesus copy 04:42
4 1Jesus-welcome pre-wrestle 01:49
5 2Wrestling0 00:43
6 3Wrestling1 00:56
7 4ESO7-6-2-Craig 01:32
8 5ESO7-13Craig1 01:00
9 6CraigFight1 02:31
10 7CraigFight2 01:44
11 8ESO7-13Craig2 02:54
12 9-Phred's "Can't Kill Craig Blues" 02:20
13 91-ESO-PastorCraig-song 07:53
14 912-Phloighd's CraigSong 03:19
15 92-ESO7-6-PastorCraig Loop 00:37
16 94Post-Craig1 02:27
17 95ESO7-13Craig6 03:39
18 96Post-Craig2 00:43
19 971-Crunches(7) 00:10
20 972-Crunch-Slow 00:02
21 973-Crunchloop 00:10
22 974-Crunch 00:01
23 98-ESO "Solar Fire" 03:57
24 99-DoubleBobLoop1 00:13
25 99-endcredits 01:50
26 991-ESO7-6-MoreSlackful 01:07
27 992-Doin'Great-AAARGH 00:05
28 993-OrKillMe-2 copy 02:42
29 "Church of Phred" 04:22
30 975-CrunchloopFast 00:14

Welcome to Hour of Slack #745, my second all-digitally mastered show, and a REALLY WEEEEIRD particular episode of this Church Outreach Ministry. Ya see at our recent Triple X Day End of the World Drill, we had ... a little accident. A little Uh-Oh. A BOO-BOO. But the SubGenius way, is to take a set-back and somehow turn it into a GIGANTIC, SPECTACULAR TRIUMPH after the fact. It's the old "I meant to do that" routine, the logical outcome of the Sacred Doctrine of Erasibility.

Now, I had a choice with this Hour of Slack. I had an HOUR of footage devoted JUST to this ONE ACCIDENT at the Triple X Day event, never mind the hours of music and killer-death-zombie preaching, and sexing. Including FOUR HILARIOUS NEW CHURCH SONGS about the accident. My quandary was this -- do I spread this irritaining painsploitation across a couple of otherwise normal shows... or do I pack it all into one utterly insane, obsessive, VERY BIZARRE all-Pastor-Craigologistical Hour of Slack? And I remembered a TV series that was SO GREAT until they got a new producer who said, "I want each single episode to make sense to Aunt Bertha in Duluth the first time she tunes it in" -- and needless to say, that GUTLESS PINK-OUT ruined the show, which was abandoned by its regular fans when it started trying to appeal to EVERYBODY, and ESCHEWED the inside-jokery that had been its very hallmark.

And I decided, SCREW Aunt Bertha in Duluth -- if this episode happens to be the first Hour o Slack that you hear, Aunt Bertha, and you end up saying to yourself, "Well now I thought this SubGenius Church was about that nice looking man "Bob," but it seems to be all about this Pastor Craig feller getting hurt," well then, BERTHA -- YOU BETTER START PRAISING OR HURTING PASTOR CRAIG!! And pick up the EXTREMELY anti-Conspiracy Word of Dobbs through CONTEXT!

The day this show MAKES SENSE to the PINK, to the NORMAL, is the day this show has FAILED J.R. "BOB" DOBBS. If it even makes sense to MOST SUBGENIUSES, then it's probably a SUB-PAR SHOW with STEPPED-ON SLACK.

And so the first part of this heedless descent into PURE, anal compulsive PastorCraig-accidentism, is the most RECENTLY recorded, Einstein's Secret Orchestra and yours truly LIVE in the Pufferdome at the Starwood festival at Brushwood, sponsored by ACE of Cleveland, Praise "Bob" and Praise "Craig".

But whatever you do, DON'T FOLLOW POPE PHRED!!!

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