The enclosed show is the Christmas Special Hour of Slack... yes, the exact same old Xmas Hour of Slack that, like all TV Xmas specials, is eternal and unchanging, as traditional as a Christmas carol, and possibly even more offensive. I know it is a little early to be sending it, but next week I intend to produce a NEW Xmas-related Hour of Slack which will work just as well near Xmas or New Years.

I had to send out a rerun this week for health reasons -- I quit smoking. I attempted to do a new show about the horrors of nicotine withdrawal and the war against the Tobacco Demons, but to tell the truth I was afraid of being wounded so I've been in hiding since the battle started. I think I am more likely to survive and win this war by being a coward.

So, you may have to run the old tired classic SubGenius Christmas Special a little early, but I'll make up for it next week with what I guarantee will be THE most hateful ALL NEW Xmas/New Years/Nicotine Withdrawal Special EVER.

Rev. Stang

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