Hour of Slack #685


"Eyeballs" from Pete Martin's "Eddie the Rat" CD -- excellent musical stream-of-consciousness Negativland-like audio collages.

Rev. 3.0 on Martin Bridger from X-Day 86 video soundtrack

ESO Vol. 16 "Earth First"/"Who Speaks for Earth"

It's War on Earth, War on show, War Vs. God, War vs. Science tonight... Excuse me if I sound blase but we're leaving. Rather have War in Space.

We;ve onll had a format on this show for 3 or 4 episodes and now I've already forgotten what the format was. Lost the list. The whole idea was to force me to play a good cross section instead of whatever was my one favorite easy new tape.

I should take a shower first, before I continue.

I'm always afraid to play too much ESO but... we've had some real good "tears" lately. Plus, got this new CD from Pete Martin, "Eddie the Rat"

"Ronnie Camara Goes to College" and cut #3 from EDDIE THE RAT
530 Divisadero St. #295 SF, CA 94117 sonicson@earthlink.com

Stang reads new list by him and Bleepo, "As I look out over this GRADUATING CLASS OF 2020... kids born in 20001 or 2002... I think how far we have come...

For the class of 2020...

1. They have never known life without antigravity bodypaint.

2. They think a "car" is something you swallow to go somewhere.

3. They have only known what its like to pee in ONE direction.

4. They don't think of Bruce Willis's acting career, only his political

5. Insect- based protein products have been a part of their diet since before

6. They were four years old when the Austrailian Continent was yanked off the
face of the earth and made into the GBRO'AGFANIAN bottle-colony; they think
that hole has ALWAYS been there.

7. They cannot imagine anyone being able to endure even one second of life
G'brefhfgu-replacement(TM) was invented.

8. They have probably heard of sleep, but have never seen it practised.

9. They have no idea what a "wallet" is.

10. They cannot possibly contemplate a bathroom without a 3D-DOTT© DobbsAltar
over the toilet, and if they saw an old "water-system" toilet they would
probably SCREAM.

11. They think "sex" is something people used to do in libraries involving
flashlights and salad oil.

12. They have never heard what a city sounds like without constant,
earsplitting F'NARMELCH background sonicscatter bombs.

13. Most of them would run and get a blowtorch to "clean" you if they knew
you rode a subway or bus even once without a rubber or polymer Bobshedd©

Stang on Clyde Lewis GROUND ZERO talk show re: Heaven's Gate vs. SubG and 1998-8661

X-Day 98 Video -- Stang - "Your escape vessel will look like yr apt."

ESO Vol 16 collage




Clyde Lewis, Stang re: Hale Bopp comet; Stang explains Cults

ESO Vol. 16 -- Dave "Get your luggage ready"

Pete Martin "Eddie the Rat" collages # 21-23-24

ONAN CANOBITE live at X-Day 98 from video: "DO YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS" song

ESO RADIO live 4-15-99 WCSB Cleveland:
Song "20 Million Miles to Earth"
Cast: Dave, Wei, Chas, P-Lil, Stang, Friday Jones

The Human Eraser -- Dave vs. Kosovo -- Forbidden Science and Primitive Religion -- Should We Kill Everyone? -- Sounds like babbling sandbox kindergarteners
"The one with the biggest gun gets to steal the best toys!"
M.A.D. -- Dr. Tillis getting the Bleeding Head explosion injury -- Age of Stars discrepancy -- What does this have to do with Kosovo? -- 2 kg of Anthrax germs , 200 miles, by the year 2000 -- Icarus gag -- War -- Red Kryptonite the 37th Element -- Texans OIL FOR BLOOD gag -- Stang rants: Fire in your Pants, Are you Gonna be Shotgunned into Connie's Mouth?

People are dying in Kosovo -- we've gotta leave! "Is this tyhe way a SubG should be, mocking instead of helping?"


We don't need more SubGenii.... the 144,000


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