Hour of Slack 699 -- XX-Day 99 Video s/t


I started with 25 or so 2-hour videotapes in various formats, shot by me, various volunteers on my camera, Damon Smith, Chris Lee, Rev. Jim, and Rev. Angela.

I compressed those 50 hours down to 7 2-hour reels, "XX-DAY 99 LONG CUT" -- which IS FOR SALE, 7 VHS tapes, $70 (14 hours including almost all songs by all bands, most of each rant by every ranter, and all the "backstage" and otherwise non-stage shenanigans that make XX-Day what it is.

Then during the last week or so, I've been re-editing those 14 hours down to FOUR.

The final, official "XX-DAY 99" is DONE, and it's a two-reeler -- two VHS tapes for $30.

And it has been an ABSOLUTE BLAST to edit!! (Despite the considerable technical and budgetary limitations I was dealing with. YOU try hitting a between-sentences edit-point when all you have is a RECORD-PAUSE button with a roughly 1-second DELAY -- frame accuracy thus reduced to trial and error.)

And, in fact, I'm now editting it down even further, into an audio-only Hour of Slack version! The sound off these video cameras is generally better than ANYTHING we ever got off tape recorders, and... well, imagine 50 hours of SubGeniuses BULLSHITTING, culled down to the BEST TWO HOURS OF BULLSHIT. WHEW-DOGGIES! I kid you not, folks, there is a LOT of INTENSELY FUNNY SHIT in these tapes, and you don't even have to have been there or even know who any of these people are.

I'll bet that people who only HEAR it, will find themselves VERY EAGER to SEE it as well.

I ENVY the kid whose first exposure to the Church of the SubGenius is the XX-Day tapes... to him or her, life would suddenly seem filled with boundless potential. Because if these people are REALLY THIS WEIRD and really are getting away with it and even prospering, then ANYTHING is possible.

I should point out for many reasons that there is a LOT of NUDITY in this tape, and sailor-like cussing. The nudes and cussers run the gamut from gorgeous fashion-model types to the kind of huge shambling mutants that some EXTRA-LIKE! There're multitudinous flopping titties and peckers. This nudity is of a sporting nature rather than sexual; like the original Olympics, our wrestling and baptisms are performed more or less in the raw (though certainly not exclusively).

Unlike the X-Day 98 video, in which I was stripped, tarred, and feathered, in this XX-Day 99 vid, you don't have to see me naked. Susie the Floozy and I both retired from public displays of that sort.

Friday Jones, however, is hardly seen CLOTHED in this video. She also turns in some KILLER improv, as did Papa Joe Mama, although the distinction between "improv" and "real" is extremely muddy here. Jesus walks around half the time in a loincloth made of THATs. Magdalen as Santa's Elf is another amazing sight.


Side One

Title; Stang intro, explains video soundtrack (background music: Ron Slabe, Entheogenisis/Thermosynthesis)


Jesus bullhorn welcomes, warning

The Hierarchy gets rained in

Pee Kitty arrives, confesses

Stang welcomes the masses to the festival -- "God made Poison Ivy"

Locnar's Donation explained

BODY FLUID WRESTLING: (narrated by Stang + crowd)
Friday's Challenge to Papa Joe
Pastor Craig vs. Friday Jones
Pastor Craig vs. Friday Jones vs. Rev. Angela vs. Rev. Jim

Modemac on Discordians, RAW groupies

Modemac, Jesus, Stang: THE BULLDADA AUCTION
GGG's nosebone, burnt Bible, flat tire with Miracle Dobbshead

Pastor Craig rant re: finances

Harold O'Keefe brief anti-Christian rant

Pee Kitty's incredible PIE RANT!


St. Al's UFO Sighting

Modemac on our 10,000 member "comedy troup"

Auctioning a One Dollar Bill (Got $2 for it)

Rev. Phloighd re: Every SubG should run for local office


Modemac and Popess Lilith explain the background -- the cancellation of the Boston devival, other suspicious aspects of PJM

IrRev. Friday Jones tells her sad story.

Judge Jesus Christ arrives, bailliffs Susie and Moxie and Strange

Prosecutor/Defender Stang does both; defense attorney Lonesome Cowboy Dave objects

The tape of Papa Joe's call-in to National Public Radio

Papa Joe's "Ted Bundy Defense"

Lonesome Cowboy Dave's "Unshaven Knees" defense

Ends on 1:04 of video: Friday reads Papa Joe's website -- "Killing Pinks before X-Day is CHEATING"

Stang does credits, PO Box

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