Hour of Slack 724

KPFA 1-27-00 Intro

KPFA "Bob" Lines

XX-Day 99 Devival CD: ESO/Stang, "Dance into the NEw Century!"

ESO radio 1-20-00 - Chas: Just calm down! The world is ending, the Blue Shift is coming. Mom's Poultry Penance; No More Fuel in the Tank

MB 11 clips

Todd Rundgren "Fascist Christ"

XX-Day 99 CD: "Slack is that Miller Beer Commercial"

MITHOTYN "Tils Tagen Gryr"

Media Barrage 11 UFOs Collage (GGG in space, Byron Werner collage, me and Wellman, Nina Hagen, Prescriptures (Stang), Buck Naked "The Xists Have Landed"

End of XX-Day 99 CD

ESO 2-11-00 radio -- Time Magazine, Gorgonzola Call-in: Church 4 Sale; Viruses and the Church; This Modern Day Chicken


Todd Rundgren "Word Made Flesh"

ESO Radio 2-11-00 "Is this the end of the Loop? Splice in Time... Teen Vocabulary; The Critical Caller, Pokemon Mind Control; Tinkerbell Sex; Fairies and Fairies; The Southpark Movie; Stick Figures Saying "Fuck"; MOVEMENT is a Transitory Fad; Has Time Passed?


KPFA 1-27-00 Hal on Popeye's Spinach; Hal-Doug movie-ending spoilers; In Space; Just Silly


Media Barrage 11 (end s-1)

PO Box, crddits w/ bg music "Captain Nemo" by RYANETICS

END: ESO 2-4-00
END - ESO 1-27-00

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