Hour of Slack 787 -- Very Good Show

Just generally good. Good music, good yap, starts out raunchy and dumbly funny, turns gradually more seriously Con-hating.

1 Bleepo Screwball Title- 00:53
2 ESO Swamp Radio 5-18-01- Good Dave 0open 00:30
3 Stang: Credits, rants re: bird-doggin' Princess Wei 03:02
4 "Dressin' Up for the Ladies" -- Fat Harry White 03:59
5 Stang: Credits, thanx to Phil Monty, rants re: What is the Church 01:47
6 ESO Swamp Radio 5-18-01 -- 06:32
7 "I Dream of "Bob"" -- Artemia Salina after "I Dream of Genie" 00:53
8 Stang credits 00:25
9 "SISTER CONNIE" -- St.N & Hellena Handbasket (from new CD) 03:53
10 Stang -- Credits 00:31
11 "Brain Pan" excerpt -- Lamprey Systems 03:04
12 Stang - Credits 00:52
13 "Sorry, Mom" - The Morning 40 Federation (Tekito) 04:41
14 "The Age of Resignation" -- Little Fyodor 03:12
15 CREDITS 01:04
16 Stang w/ ESO -Euclid Tavern Devival 5-12-01, "Prophecy Failed!" 01:32
17 "Iodine 131" -- Einstein's Secret Orchestra, live at Euclid Tavern 03:41
18 ESO Swamp Radio 5-18-01 -- "America, Inc." anti-Con yak!! 18:49

On X Version for Internet and Indies Only:
19 "This is the Fuckin' Death Star Man" 3 sec.

SAINT N and HELLENA HANDBASKET... you can check out www.mp3.com/ SaintN or www.minitru.org


LITTLE FYODOR, from his album, IDIOTS ARE CLOSER TO GOD, truly, a SubGenius Anthem. Contact Little Fyodor at: 3277 Raleigh St. DENVER CO 80212 OR littlefyodor@yahoo.com

NOTE: THE HOUR OF SLACK is released in two versions.

The X-RATED "INTERNET VERSION" contains all original "fucks," "shits," "God damns," etc., and this is the one which is downloadable from SubSITE and which is sent to individual subscribers OR non-American radio stations.

All American radio stations are sent the "PG RATED CENSORED VERSION," which has the Bad Words either reversed, bleeped, or replaced with the spoken word "Bob", depending on what works best.

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