Thanks to the vIdeographers, El Diablo and Rev. Craig Mitchell, the audio from this devival is pretty good! Craig got a feed off the mixboard line, which is best for the rock band sections and the live interactive prank call recordings. This went into a High 8 vid which Nickie and Will dubbed onto VHS, hence it went to Hour of Slack (hence to Wandarer and SubSITE) El Diablo's open room mike on his VHS video camera got a better version of the preaching, because it picked up the crowd heckling -- arguably the best aspect of SubGenius devivals altogether.

This has Dr. Legume's greatest rant yet! AND BOOGER 9000 clearly recorded! You'll LAK TA SHIT!! This devival also lucked into the debut of Dr. Juggle, who used pure Slack Magic to get past Cop Stang and onto the mike.

Other parts of this show are taped off the dang-fired Internet -- the Audioactive feed from WCSB. And it sounds GOODER'N GOMER!! Yet other sections (Friday Jones and me, MORLOCK-ELOI STUDIOS) were recorded right here in Tarzan's Radio Station Studios with the machinery held together with snot and Scotch brand magic tape.


Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Einstein's Secret Orchestra from WCSB Cleveland, show underground bunker intro
TITLE w/ Mothersbaugh Bobaccato

Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Einstein's Secret Orchestra from WCSB Cleveland, on the androids from another dimension (taped off the Net 9-25-97)

BOOGER 9000 instrumental jam under Stang discussing the Austin show and tapes

Stang Austin Devival intro blah

Friday Jones -- "AntiSubGenius Leaflet #3, "SubGenius Sinners"

Stang from Austin: "Question Authority OR ELSE;" "Texas Cult Leaders, Heaven's Gate;" declares "WAR ON GOD!"
-- Introduces Jesus the Son of God, Satan's Cheerleaders

BOOGER 9000: "Cracklin' Rosie" (amazing cover of this Neil Diamond top-40 tune)

Stang & Jesus Christ in Austin -- KOOL AID DISPENSATION/TOAST, Communion



FRIDAY JONES AntiSubGenius Leaflet #4 "Do Not Be Fooled"

DR. JUGGLE -- impromptu rant about his Austin life -- very forceful

POPE ANGUS -- great End o' the World rant with Legume intro

DR. K'TADEN LEGUME -- Tale of Oil City, PA; "The Bleeding Flesh of the Earth and the Broken Bones of Time" -- anti-Xian rant -- "DON'T FUCK UP"

BOOGER 9000 "Shocked the Living Ghee Outta Me/Mission Impossible"

FRIDAY JONES Pro-SubGenius #1 "A Deal Shall Be Struck!"

Stang in Austin reads Friday's Anti-SubGenius #4, "Do Not Be Fooled"

WCSB ESO, Androids from another dimension continued.

Mahogany Rush "Talking 'Bout a Feelin'" clip

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