Hour of Slack 700

LOST IN SPACE "Smith the Alien Hippie Brainwashee"

Stang explains his divorce, move to Cleveland

5 Blind Boys of Alabama "Drifting"

Neville and Sheena Staples "Up from the Skies"
(from Hendrix tribute "Searching for Hendrix")
bg music from "Pickin' on Hendrix" -- bluegrass versions of Hendrix tunes

XX-DAY VIDEO soundtrack continued:

Legume's testimony
Stang's Closing Prosecution Rant
The Verdict
President Clinton's tape message to the SubGenii

Side 2 (XX-Day video s/t con't.)

The Sentencing Postponement
Poking the Normal
Susie the Floozy arrests cameraman Damon Smith
EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA (medley collage from their Fri-nite jam):
Dave-rants; I Put a Spell on You; "Strange Cleveland/Princess Wei Theme"; Michele George killer violin solo

LUST IN SPACE at XX-Day: Intro to band, medley of clips

GGG jilted by "Bob"
Give 'Frop to Jesus
The Naked Bobtism
Papa Joe Gripes

The XX-Day Panel Discussion: "WHY DALLAS?" answers from Onan, Susie, GGG, Stang

Hour of Slack 68 Work Tape collage: SUBLIMINALS rant; Janor and Bleepo; Stang reads Mind Control doc; old Media Barrage stuff off HoS 67

PO Box inc. new Stang address in Cleveland: PO Box 19355, Cleveland OH 44119

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