Hour of Slack #708

I have been BAD about typing out these logs right after assembling a show. I've just been scrawling the contents list as it progresses on the little box "j-card" for each show cassette master. (NOTE: EXPENSIVE METAL TAPE!) And these have been GOOD SHOWS I've been assembling since I moved to Cleveland. We have been sent some GREAT new music, and I keep unearthing great OLD tapes and CDs from weirdos as I continue to sift through the layers of history in the Archive Canyon.

Also, I've been going down to WCSB every Thursday midnight to do live ESO Swamp Radio with Commander Chas and Lonesome Cowboy Dave (with live call-in, 216-687-3515; hear it in Audioactive on www.wcsb.org). I'm almosty certified enough to use the station to do Hour of Slack live on Sunday nights, but I'm starting to rethink that one... I have TOTAL CONTROL as long as I mix the shows in my office on my own time. And if I commit to a weekly live show I'm again TIED PERMENENTLY to being in town every Sunday night. SURE the "live sermon" bits and any brief periods of call-in would be more "immediate" -- but... they'd also be more goof-ridden, and worst of all, I would still to blow my entire Sunday afternoon previewing tapes instead of being able to do it, oh, Wednesday or Thursday or Friday morning WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT!!

This way I can let the live chaos happen on Chas's time-dime, and then cull the morass down to its finest moments.

Anyway, here is what was on HoS 708


Slick Intro barrage cuts from ancient HoS-79

ESO Radio 10-22-99 "False OverMan Con Leaders Who Trigger and then Beat Off To EARTH DISASTERS"

James Kochalka "Monkey Versus Robot" song

Stang reads more from Wilhelm Reich's "LISTEN, LITTLE MAN" (background music by Rudy Schwartz Project)

The Boffo Bros (Rev. Mike Townsend and his brother): "Habafropzipulops" from their new CD collection!

KPFA Berekeley show, Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Howll (with Papa Joe Mama this episode, 1-16-98) "We Gotta Do Stuff for the Next Generation X," "Hell Job" sequence!

Boffo Bros. "Habafropzipulops" continued (throughout show)

ESO Radio 10-22-99 "The Change in the Earth's Resonance Harmonic Tone and the New Age End of the World" -- continued on:
ESO Radio 11-29-99

Clips from old Media Barrage 9 "Bob" Will Protect You.


Warpvoice HoS Intros

Kevan Smith/Cthulu "HATE FOR A PINK PLANET" Uncooked Beef mix (continued throughout show)

Media Barrage 9 clips: "Bob" collage, Spanish "Bob" ad

HoS79 intro Dr. Howll: "You the Listener are proof that God Does Not Exist"

Twin Peaks "Bob" clip: "Anybody seen this "Bob" alive lately?"

KPFA w/ Papa Joe "Come Down to the Station"

Victoria Ganger and Revelry: Why Too Kay?" (second half of song)

Dr. Bizarro: "Duck Tape Mummy" from CD of same name

Media Barrage 9 Philo & Stang; Poonflang "Bob" Kills Through Me

Glassmadness song: "I DO LIKE "BOB""

Pope David N. Meyer & Stang on ancient radio, "Polyester; Power to Fail"

ESO 11-29-99: Stang and Dave and caller on Historical VAMPIRES

Stang does credits, addresses

ESO radio con't: Falwell's a Teletubby; West Texas Accent; Stang on Howard Stern: "Howard Stern is sucking the testosterone out of his listeners! They give up their testosterone to HIM and let HIM show the balls that they do not!"

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