Stang reminisces as if from his Escape Vessel, about all the PLEASURE and KILLIN' he's been getting... then reveals that (FOOLED YA!) he's actually just taping this, 11 days before X-Day...

AHHH yes dear friends... well, I sure do feel sorry for any SubGeniuses who are listening to this show from Earth... IF any radios and transmitters are still working. I know SOME are. Actually, I don't feel sorry for you. You knew about the $30 and you just didn't have faith in "Bob." That Spice Girls concert was more important. Well, now I have Spice Girl sex goddesses if I want 'em but I'm already bored with 'em. I've only been on my escape vessel for a couple of days and already I'm totally SATED with PLEASHAH! Of course I cheated. I used Time Control to turn those couple of days into a couple of months. I've already done everything I ever dreamed of doing, and then some.

I haven't killed anybody, not specifically, anyway, I'm real proud about that. Some of my fellow Ruptured SuBGenii were getting a mite bloodthirst... I ended up rebuilding several cities that Dr. Legume totaled just out of spite. There were some reaL NICE BUILDINGS THERE THAT I WANTED PRESERVED. BESIDES, IFA PINK IS DEAD, ITS SUFFERING ENDS. Well, I didn't kill anybody that COUNTS. I only killed bad people. My old 5th grade teacher who made me lose the spelling bee when she pronounced the word I was supposed to spell, "SEVERAL", as "SERVILE." She died for that. I had to bring her back to life and then kill her. And I went back and scared the bejeesus out of several old bosses of mine. Just terorized 'em and taunted 'em. Made fun of 'em for being CHEAP LOSERS who thought $30 was too much for eternal life and PLEASHAH. Sort of like... YOU.

Yep... I look out from my huge viewscreen at the planet Earth far behind me... it's all lit up like a Christmas tree right now, but those little lights are nuclear explosions. Cities are being nuked, and then instantly reconstructed so they can be nuked again. It's cool.

And guess what. I didn't even use a tape recorder and microphone to produice this show. I just THOUGHT about it and the show was instantly finished. I'm just THINKING what you hear me saying now and the MWOWM computer reproduces it as a sound, all the way down to that trademark cheap-mike tinny sound I used to get in my Earth studio.

HA! FOOLED YA DIDN'T I! I'm not really on my Escape Vessel. I'm actually recording this 11 days before X-Day. But it's the last show I'll do before we leave for Brushwood. I had thought that this might be the very last Hour of Slack. It might be... for any stations that still exist after X-Day, they'll probably ALL want to play nothing BUT Hour of Slack, in a vain attempt to kiss Bob's ass if nothing else, and I suppose I could have the leftover dumbass Bobbies send out reruns... starting with Hour of Slack #1, which is really quite awful and then when they get to this show, #637, they can just start the loop AGAIN.

But then I thought, HELL, I might want to keep doing the show just for yuks, mainly for an Escape Vessel audience... after all, it could be in wide screen 3D technicolor and surround sound and I wouldn't even have to go searching for tapes, it would all just fly together automatically.

So, I don't really know what the future shows will bring. I've been doing the ESO show on Thursday nights as well and we have TONS of material from those that we might leave behind for the Earth stragglers... we'll see.
In the meantime, HECK!! This is the LAST EARTH HOUR OF SLACK so I should SHUT UP and get on with the tapes... of which we have... uh...

REV. SUSIE THE FLOOZIE -- X-DAY MEDIA BARRAGE from her "BOB'S" SLACKTIME FUNHOUSE #228 -- fucking AMAZING audio collage from Susie's Final Earth Show. This collage involves hundreds of seperate audio clips and accounts for most of this Hour of Slack show. EXCEPT:

Stang Interviewed on HIGH TIMES Magazine's radio show, "HIGH ON THE AIR" (producer: Rev. "KEN" "BLEEPO" ABERNATHY)

FRIDAY JONES clip "Aren't You Sick of It?"


X-DAY COLLAGE BY REV. BLEEPO ABERNATHY (ASTOUNDING techno-mix beyong imagining!!!)

Stang does credits re: wonderful editors like Susie and Chas Smith


Stang reads Rev. Pete Hipwell's X-DAY CAUTION (WARNING) (w/ bg music by Cosmic Voyeur)

(re-editted a little by Stang)

final statement by IrRev. Friday Jones

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