Hour of Slack #686 "WARMONGER LOVE"

Mixed 5-26-99; "fucks" removed 6-3-99


Title (Bleepo)

ESO Vol. 16 media barrage "Wanna take a ride?"

Long stretch of:
ESO Radio 4-15-99 (WCSB, Cleveland): Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Chas Smith, Princess Wei R. Doe, Friday Jones, Bleepo Abernathy, Popess Lilith, Ivan Stang

Kosovo war discussions:
Shoot anything that moves policy;
"Tough Love" of a Blood Cult;
Airlift Pamphlets to Mars, Venus, Kosovo;
Princess Wei transforms;
The New Solar System;
Science Versus War;
Give every man the plans for the atom bomb;

Einstein's Secret Orchestra: "Midnight Growing Pale"

Papa Joe Mama: "DICTATING TO DOBBS" (studio version) (many God Damns and Shits removed for U.S. broadcast radio! Unusual for Papa Joe sermons!)

Sivet Stang song: "I'M "BOB'S" OWN"


IrRev. Friday Jones reads from "THE AUTOPSY" (Bedtime Stories for SubGenius Children)

ESO RADIO 4-1-99: Classic ROCKET-BUTT show
Rocket Butt versus Creepy Clown;
Nozzle Sex in space;
Tiger Bomb and Doomsday Balm;
Bleepo and Time Control Masters;
Melissa Virus secrets;
Secret Blowjobs on Bewitched show; LET "BOB"
"Communism is Good, Christianity is Stupid";
great ENDING with cast.

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