Hour of Slack 726

(Hour of Slack 725 was a rerun of HoS # 289 ("1982 Good Head, SubCon Collage Show")

Stang intro -- on just-finished and upcoming Devivals

ESO Radio 2-24-00 - The SubGeniuses Hide in the Woods; Chas on "REALITY"

THE MATRIX s/t clips (used throughout show) HoS intro

"Bob" collage by Bill Bengle -- all the "Bob" utterances from movie "What About "Bob," strung together!


Captain Beefheart AND Frank Zappa: "Orange Claw Hammer" from Grow Fins

Matrix/ESO radio

ESO "Bang a Gong" from Euclid Tavern

ESO Radio 2-24-00, credits and Chas/Stang "House on UnAmerican Activities" scratching mix

Every Day is just a Name... "Whenever"

KPFA 1-20-00 Doug and Hal ruin all movie endings


WINTERSTAR 2000 Ivan Stang "THE DIVERTER" rant

Broken Circle Gospel Deluxe: "I Saw the Light"

ESO 2-24-00 Race of Hours, Explosion of the Hindenburg, You're Gonna Die, Dave "Mortal Coil Shuffle", Things Have become All Scrambled

Euclid Tavern 3-3-00 Stang Rant Part One

ESO 2-24-00 -- PO BOX; Dave OOzing Cosmos; Bleepo Calls in; "Get Away, Lord" prayer; Screamin' Jay Hawkins remembered; Everybody Ripped Off the Yeti and the Australopithicus

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