HOUR OF SLACK #600 -- More Crazy Women and Austin Devival


X-eioners opening rap mix "Get Retarted", Title

IrRev. Friday Jones, Pro-SubGenius promo #2, "Is "Bob" The World's Greatest Salesman?"

Mahogany Rush -- end of "Talkin' Bout This Feeling"

Stang blabs for whole first half of show (to save editting and mixing time). Reads from college humor newspaper, THE ONION (Milwaukee)... mundane stories of daily lives.

Then does "High Weirdness by Free Newsletter" critique of holistic health kook nostrums and remedies as advertised in THE HOLISTIC NEWSLETTER, a local Dallas New Age publications. Mocks Aromatherapy, Colonics, Aura Videos, etc.


TOM X "Mental Relief" about True Yeti Mates, from CD, Band in Austin

James Kochalka Superstar -- "Bad Astronaut" from Monkey Vs. Robot cd

AUSTIN DEVIVAL -- Pope Angus intros:

REV. NICKIE DEATHCHICK spanking ceremony. Rant about frat boys feeling guilty about eating cherries out of guy's butts.

STANG's new "Austin" rant, Part 1 -- Slacker Rant, "Hold That Thought," "Fuck the Alien Threat," ends with "Religion is just a booster shot."

FRIDAY JONES, Pro_Sub promo #3, "Call Up the Formless Ones" mixed with Mahogany Rush Elder Gods sounds

PRINCESS WEI "R" DOE on Einstein's Secret Orchestra -- "The Wyda Bird" story

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