HoS 683 -- the Boston Devival Debacle Spectacle Special

Open from "NIGHT OF THE HUNTER" -- Wolves in sheeps clothing


Friday Jones and Dryfoo on the street outside church, excited description of councilman collecting hate quotes from our website... "We have received prior restraint for the content of our speech!" Papa Joe on freedom after speech in Russia...

(ESO "Termite Suite" instrumental from Winterstar recording runs in BG)

IrRev. FRIDAY JONES addresses the crowd on the steps of the Old Cambridge Baptist Church, explains why we're banned from inside the church building... censored by city councilman in the name of free speech. Describes the Hate Quote selecting by councilman.

Councilman Reeves describes his involvement, how he was warned of the evil Subs by Florida call; told restaurant owners to "look into it"

Friday Jones advice to devival producers: "What are the odds..."

Rev. Dryfoo speaks in Cambridge City Council, Mayor interrupts him

Stang reads from Boston Globe article on devival, rants

Dryfoo in City Council on devival censorship

NIGHT OF THE HUNTER CLIP -- "What's it to be, Lord? Another widow?" (Robert Mitchum murderous preacher rant, talking to God about killin' those lacy, perfume-smellin' things... things with curly hair")

Papa Joe outside devival -- "If we would eliminate the free speech, less children would die." Protest re: "Stop the chants" -- comments re: Paddy wagon -- Non-Irish-American Multiple Suspected Felon Transportation Device" -- always wanted to meet a hate group in person... maybe the city council is the hate group.

Friday Jones -- "It all started when some busy person in Florida didn't like some things they saw on a SubG website... somebody else in Florida called NPR and made analogies between Trenchcoat Mafia and Holocaustals of SubGenius...

"JOE FROM TALLAHASSEE" ON NPR "TALK OF THE NATION" and responses... judge guest takes it very seriously; host Ray Saurez says SubG is a joke.

Stang and Joe Mama laugh and comment while listening to NPR tape -- Papa Joe rants in outrage about being called "joke"... when we show them our PIPE BOMBS they see how funny we are...

Dryfoo in city council continued: "If 3 phone calls can shut down this event, 3 phone calls can shut down ANY event."

Friday on councilman's misquoting of Joe Mama's Holocaustal website.

Councilman Reeves in City Council, reads from the Holocaustal Home Page: "Jihad... slackless sacriledge... killing the pinks and normals hurts us more than it hurts them... mass euthanasia... nitrous oxide gas chambers.


Papa Joe rants -- contemplate hate... want to KILL, KILL, KILL!"

Reeves in city council -- "Killing pinks before X-Day is... cheating"

Friday rants on steps: how the hate stuff was sent around to the chief of police, etc.

"BUT! We persevered! We stood upon their steps and we PREACHED!"

Friday "Will reschedule before XX-Day, when we'll leave Cambridge, straight up!"

(ESO music continues throughout)

Stang does credits, credits Jesus especially, discusses this old Church and how we still irritate people in real life...


The Most Controversial Comedy Group in the History of Mankind -- conversations about who might be calling to harrass us.

Papa Joe at devival: "If you could reach a church door, you would achieve SANCTUARY. But here... you look at the church door and it says, "SUBGENIUSES NOT ALLOWED"!"

Friday Jones: "I blame "BOB" It is "BOB" who scourges my feet... THANKS, "BOB"!"

BILL T. MILLER -- possessed by Anti"Bob," leads chant "KILL "BOB""
(ESO music bg), AntiBob healing.... "Praise "Bob"...

NIGHT OF THE HUNTER CLIP: "What religion do you profess?" "The religion the Almighty and me worked out betwixt us."

(ESO music) behind Friday, Papa Joe, Stang, Legume conversations re: the cancellations and threat calls

Friday Jones: "It's 1999 and we must kill all the adults to save the children from child molestors"... "The hole of "Bob"..... we fell and we fell and we fell.... landed on "Bob" ... "Thanks, "Bob" ...

July 5, 1998 hasn't happened yet! "WHO DO YOU TRUST? "Bob" or the Conspiracy?" They lied about everything, and he never lied. Therefore, IT IS NOT JULY 5 1998 YET! I'm willing to set my watch. When the Xists come, THEN you can conclude that the date is July 5 1998! "Bob" doesn't approve of that dog collar (watch) -- he has Time Control.
If they KNOW this will happen on 1998 -- yet they believe it's 99! It's a paradox! ALL BASED ON LIES!
Let us stay together in our mutual love for the hate...."

(ESO music) ("scary slow" from Winterstar 4-2)

Friday at home yelling about the crap, harrassing phone calls etc.

NIGHT OF THE HUNTER: "Lord you sure knew what you were doing when you put me in THIS CELL at THIS TIME!"

Reeves on Holocaustals: "This ain't funny in the context of now!" in City Council. "In the context, in terms of public safety..." C.Y.A. yak

Rev. Stang at WINTERSTAR 99 devival, end, with Chas Smith on keyboard.
"We MIGHT let Heaven's Gate outkook us... is this gonna be one of those devivals that just ends with a whimper? WHO'S GOT A LIGHTER??
-- Chas plays Urgent Carmina Jam while Stang rants on 20 POUNDS, 200 MILES, the YEAR 2000! We won't HAVE to party every year. For we have FAITH! We have a god monster we can SEE! I can produce photographs of Jesus and "Bob"! I can even produce Jesus in person!
I love Bob, queer for Bob... that's great but where do you think Bob gets his infinite slack? He takes yours. That's why he smiles... 'cause he has it... and you don't.

Very quick shordurmass-mar

Jazzy groovy trippy X-Day song from Susie's CONNIE show ("Open up your eyes"), Annie Sprinkle orgasm lecture mixed with:

Crowd outside church -- Papa Joe "If you want to exterminate 99% of the planet, the ACLU is gonna be your only friend."

SURGEONS FOR "CONNIE" (Bill T. Miller, Brother Cleve Dunkan, Dr. Foo) lead a capella singalong: "BOB" IS LOVE/"BOB" IS HATE. Bill rants.

End of DR. K'TADEN LEGUME church steps sermon... about the broken cracked branch that HELD in the flood.

Stang end credits,

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