Hour of Slack 709

I heard HoS 708 on Cleveland radio last night, so I guess WCSB at least is up to date on shows. The other weekend they seemed like they were about 6 shows behind. I never know how long the lag time is before a given station plays a show after I mail 'em out.

We finally got the shows more caught up on SubSITE, PRAISE REVBRO VT, SACRED SHOW TRANSFORMER!! The new Cleveland shows through 707 have all been posted in RealAudio. If I ever start mastering the shows on Jaz instead of on audio cassette tape, I could probably upload the Real Audio versions right after finishing the shows, myself... I COULD do that anyway... but this non-paying job eats up a whup-load of brain and machine time already!


Ancient Show 431 Intro -- Sivet Sings; Pat Paulson and Father Guido Sarducci salute HoS

HoS-79: Puzzling Evidence tells some CLUES about the show; show of Intros: Hal, Doug Wellman and Stang "Lost in the Desert Looking for the Show" sequence

Stang rant: "The Acquirian Age" (a bunch of spontaneous XXX-Day, Y2K, Slack, "Bob" and Church ranting with background music by: In Flames, Ferrante and Teicher, Covenant, Ernie Kovaks collection) "The end of the Old Age and Me Generation, and the beginning of the Acquirian Age -- when we the SubGenii shall finally ACQUIRE our rightful inheritance and the Pinks will lose their pitiful planet... I have had a vision of spaceships in the size AND SHAPE of all the continents, coming in for a landing just as Y2K snaps out all the lights on the planet..."

also rant on the new SubGenius book in progress, Jesus Christ's new book, "THE SUBGENIUS BUSINESS PLAN" -- rant about what we told the millionairre about our "fan club" and what it's REALLY offering the buyer.

KPFA 1-16-98 Dr. Howll on Bible Sinners and SubGenii, X-Day

Negativland/Chumbawamba: "The ABC's of Anarchism" (continued throughout show

Stang on WarpVoice tape: "This show is a Template to allow SATAN to enter you!!"

Hemorrhoy Rogersand his Rhoid Boys) "Run LIke the Wind (to the Bathroom)"

ESO Swamp Radio 11-4-99: "The Neutral Zone"


Stang reads from Net Graffitti piece, Comparisons of Work and Prison

ABCs of Anarchism continued (Negativland)

ESO Radio 11-4-99 y2K and End of World bits

Kevan Smith/Cthulu "HATE FOR A PINK PLANET" continued

DEVO interview with Jerry Casale clips

KPFA 1-16-98: Hal "Pull the Wings Off Your Own Flies"

ESO 10-28-99: Chas rips into "Twelve Tone Serialism SUCKS!"

Dr. Bizarro: "The Conspiracy" from THE BIG MACHINE SubGenius rock opera

Bill T. Miller/ Orgy of Noise "Auditory Meatus"

Credits, addresses, websites etc.

ESO and Stang, Pufferdome devival, Starwood festival 99: "Oh, it's just a SATIRE! Just a JOKE! DON'T LET "BOB'S" PIPE GO OUT!!" "We Want Our Cake and to Eat It Too"

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