Hour of Slack 609


Clips from Dr. John Casual media barrage, Rev. Phylesha "Sex-Money-Bob", IrRev. Friday Jones "Pinks and Greys," TITLE with Mothersbaugh Bobacatto

Brief Friday Jones, Crystal Methodists clips

FIRST CHURCH OF ELVIS IN "BOB" (Warren, TX) PREACHING TAPE #1: "Hour of Slack" HYMN, sermon on how God can see when you fuck your neighbor's farm animal, "Bob" Hymn
(I dunno who the HAYELL these rednecks are, but they're REAL DAMN FUNNY)

Stang News: This should be Xmas rerun, but I lost the tape... promo re: Jan. 3 New Year's X-Day Drill 0.5 Devival in Austin at Bob Popular... Drs. 4 "Bob" will be at X-Day Brushwood -- we are moving SubSITE, praise Wandarer -- ONAN CANOBITE NEWS, "Mutant Rats" in Chile -- loud reading of editorial regarding VALOR AND COURAGE from The Onion, by Higelac of the Heathdanes.

PAPA JOE MAMA!!! New sermon, "THE BANDWAGON OF "BOB"" recorded on Rev. Ed Strange's Prozac Free Radio. EXTREMELY stirring sermon, one of Mama's best yet. Great music mix.

Anti-Drug Bulldada from Ed Strange (old 70's drug war tape... hilarious.)

DR. K'TADEN LEGUME -- "THE LAST DAYS" rant, spewed on Strange's show

Rev. Ed. Strange, Dr. Legume, Papa Joe Mama improv regarding the hostage dead dog they are holding for the reward... (lost dog poster). (In real life, this lead to serious confrontations with an offendee -- long story)

Stang recaps Austin devival promo and Wandarer credits.


LUDWIG SEARS: "The Bhagwan Rag" (sampled preachers such as Rajneesh and Koresh, barraged)

Rev. Phylesha sex rant clip

IrRev. FRIDAY JONES reads "WHAT IS HETEROSEXUALITY" (by Margot Simms) with accompaniment from SCHOOLGIRL REPORT, CD of music from 1970s German softcore porno movies

THE CRYSTAL METHODISTS (melba@fringeware.com) LIVE at the AUSTIN SUBGENIUS DEVIVAL... a series of prank calls to an Oregon Christian talk show, from collaborators all over the country, broadcast as they happened to the audience in Austin.

PRANK CALL to Christian talk show by Rev. Ugly Shyla of Louisiana -- classic Sub-Call to Xian jackass... he doesn't even bother to pray away her demon, she's so hopeless.

More CRYSTAL METHODISTS LIVE pranking LIVE from Austin ("Connie" call). Sound is rough but worth it.

Chris Peterman (authentic kook) -- "I'm God"

LONESOME COWBOY DAVE live at Cleveland Devival, Euclid Tavern, 1997 with ESO -- several "bits" including Alien Smegma Pie, Corruptigating Worms

Stang end, credits, with Flying Ryan Brothers bg guitar music.

Brief clip Frank Marino, "In My Ways"

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