Hour of Slack 622-- FUCK THE GRAMMIES

I was skimming through the latest H&S Sales porno video catalog... came to the "Wild Bill" page, so to speak. "Wild Bill" specializes in videos involving LARGE and/or LACTATING GALS. One of the example pictures was this attached one (AS SEEN ON alt.binaries.slack ONLY) -- and when I first laid eyes on it, I must confess, my very most immediate first reaction was, "WHAT DRUG DID THEY GIVE ME?" and "BOY, am I in trouble NOW!" Then I ascertained that it was not me, but only looks a lot like me. (Actually, it looks even more like Nenslo.) This guy doesn't have the grey streaks in his hair and beard, nor my endearing little belly, but he's as scrawny as me, and has similar glasses. He looks enough like me that I can "USE" this picture. I also feel that some of the alt.binaries.slack bastards might have fun using this image to depict High Muck-aMuck Stang fucking such things as pigs, dinosaurs, Mike Enlow etc. I will SUE anyone who does so, of COURSE. I already must sue Dr. Legume for putting a dog into the picture, and Le Mur for putting Legume's head on the woman's body. At least he was polite enough to rouge up Legume's cheeks.

Friday afternoon, the Lord and I leave for the Portland and Seattle shows! I am very excited about how many of my old buddies will be there that I haven't seen in years. As usual, I'll have to write my rant on the plane or on the bus. (Because of a CRAZY MAN, I had to spend half the week doing damage control, it seemed like.) Jesus is busy packing up the swag and we're both trying to finish up all our stacked-up email and biz. I managed to make a new Hour of Slack yesterday, #622, featuring the Fuck the Grammies recordings -- WHICH CAME OUT GREAT!!! The show was VERY well recorded in the club. As I suspected, although the show was barely attended, it ironically enough produced one of the cleanest tapes ever. Jon Hall's King Missile III and the bands and Grass were EXCELLENTLY captured. Hall mentioned Sterno in one song, "Ed."

Too bad it wasn't a SubGenius devival, per se! I also got a wonderful new tape in from Susie the Floozie, a sort of morality play taking place on X-Day. And JHVH Hates Phred came out with a new tape that features some of the funniest, most cosmic-est trance spouting YET from Phred and @ndrew.

Maybe I should just do the log now. I've been bad about the logs lately.

HoS 622

Hellpope Huey intro and title (from H-457)

Stang on Steve Jackson Games INWO SubGenius being finished... Onan news "BAMBI BASEBALL," "I AM A PIZZA" by Monica Lewinsky, Third Grade.

WEI-S-O (Einstein's Secret Orchestra, song by Pricess Wei: "80 3D SQUIDS" Version 1


Fuck the Grammies -- Stang report from outside Radio City Music Hall, the "sonic riot"


Same, continued.

Stang Sermon #1 "ALL MUSIC IS STUPID" and "IN PRAISE OF FAILURE" rants from Fuck the Grammies ceremony (rant tiles by Friday Jones and Dr. Legume, respectively)

Street Recordings from Music Militia's sonic riot, 6th Ave. outside the Grammies


Clip from Johnny Winter "Good Morning Little SChoolgirl"

SUSIE THE FLOOZIE play -- "Armageddon Tired of Waiting For it." In which Jon-Benet Ramsey gets to board the Escape Vessels but Susie doesn't.


LATE NOTE -- it's Friday the 13th and the bad crazies are out. Must be a full moon, too. I'm telling you -- Jesus's phone was ringing off the hook. ALL the locked up loonies and half the on-the-street ones were phoning in. I praise the Lord for fielding those calls. Packages arrived at the PO CRAMMED WITH PSYCHOSES... CRATES of crazy person writings. Stalkers on the newsgroups. This is a STRANGE WEEK.


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