(HoS 636 is a extension of this same material.)

Chas Smith, Cantor of the Church, Maestro of Einstein's Secret Orchestra, is on a MEDIA BARRAGE EDITTING TEAR. He's ALWAYS been on a tear about outer space, apparently, but by Gobbs, he's on a TAPE-CUTTIN' JAG too now, and it is our GREAT LUCK that he's afflicted with this fit NOW, around X-Day.

Every Conspiracy rock station uses nowadays abuses the Media Barrage style of audio editting, but usually only in very short bursts. In its classic SubGenius form (developed by Doug Wellman, Byron Werner, me and some other Ancient Cassette SubGenius Doktors) we strive for sustained themes and as meaningful a bunch of juxtapositions as possible. Every cut should lead thematically into every other cut. IT AIN'T EASY. I did it very methodically, film-style, using reel to reel tapes and breaking the reels down into ever more detailed categories, often using elaborate outlines on paper. Susie the Floozie must be outlining hers to some extent, but I'll bet she mainly relies on her uberknowledge of her own vast bulldada media collection.

I dunno how Chas does it, but he sure as hell did it, on two 60 minute tapes which I am using as Hour of Slacks 636 and 637. The main source material, which the bulldada audio clips PUNCTUATE, is some improv trance radio spouting done the last weekend we were all together in Cleveland. Lonesome Cowboy Dave, of course, is the SubGenius fulcrum of these sessions, the true trance spouter... Princess Wei, Chas and I act as "straight men" and "torturers" to Dave's "funny retard" or "VICTIM" role. The original improv balbberings are AWFUL. Somehow, Chas remixed, chopped and interspersed that spew with hundreds of clips from bad preachers, sci fi movies, TV crapola and etc.

I am SO GLAD that people like Susie and Chas are doing this very demanding type of editting, because I can't hardly find the INTENSE CONCENTRATION time that's necessary for it!

It's probably because they don't have children.

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