Hour of Slack 822 - Rerun of Lymph Node Institute

"Survival" Episode from "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse, WREK Atlanta

The SubGenius who was complainting that The Hour of Slack isn't slick or "sensical" enough might like this show better. It's done by TWO SuBGenii every TWO weeks; Rev. Ellis and Dr. Bugblatter play more music by actual real known bands than I do, and do pre-written tag team studio rants and wrap-arounds on the theme subject matter -- in this case, "Survival in Post 9-11 America," more or less.

This show was originally broadcast on WREK on 9-23-01... Susie the Floozie alternates shows with them for "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse, and this was their initial response to the paranoia following the War thing, and the U.S. gov't's subsequent clampdown.

I don't have list of the tracks -- they give full credits however at the very end of the show. All I added was an intro-explanation.

By sending out this other show as a replacement for Hour of Slack I bought a whole half day of self schooling in computer animation, my latest "kick." Also it's probably a good change of pace.

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