Bob Tilton knows how it is to have a dumpy car It's knee deep...

Fernandinande's "Hebephreniactrics" Reagan cut-up
Tilton on $ ... TITLE
"How does one man assert power?" "Make them SUFFER!!"

JHVH HATES PHRED: "Ivan Stang" clip

"You are dead" rant from Steve Slack's tape "Power to shut the sky."

STEVE SLACK "Napalm the Flowers" clip

Fenandinande Reagan cut -up "Let's stop our children"

Barrage weird rants from Lymph Node collage, on Atlanta tape -- Who is a true religious person?" "A dead man!" "Who is a real GOOD PERSON? A dead man."

Tilton and Stang co-rant... the Hate is running down my leg.... Stang does credits.

JHVH HATES PHRED: "Ivan Stang" clip

STEVE SLACK: "Napalm the Flowers"

DR. DYNASOAR on the air -- Virginia station, clips

Tilton clip, Hebephreniactrics, clips from my old Final Movie Barrage

Dr. Dynasoar on the Stark Fist, Who is Bob, answer,
(hysterical laughter from Treasure of Sierra Madre)

JANOR HYPERCLEATS refused to be interviewed regarding his bands and songs dedicated to 7-11s, other convenience stores, upcoming films about Southland Corporation related monsters) -- from his own cable access show, THE MAN FROM OUTER TASTE

KPFA: Hr. Howll and Aunt Bertha at the cocktail favorites lounge in Hell, with Phineas Narco, Puzzling Evidence. GREAT Hal rant on Near-Death Hell Encounters. Classic Howllin' Howll metephysics/science reading. Suddenly introduce JANOR HYPERCLEATS ON PARADE!

JANOR HYPERCLEATS interview on his own show: his affair with Bill Clinton. His views regarding Nugent vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd. Janor claims Double Live Gonzo rulz over Cat Scratch Fever. "AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT, "and you can quote me on THAT" quotes" quote. Ers. And I Mean That. I'm the Law MAKER. See this? This is me. I'm the Track LAYER, Rex"

KPFA boys continue spouting about Janor's variety show and restaurant... Howll gets back on subject of near-death HELL experiences. Great HELL/Wizard of Oz stuff with Puzzling and Phineas.

Stang does credits... intros Atlanta devival tapes, explains that the only clear tapes were bits recorded on $30 hand held tape, recorded as private tape for a friend... turned out to be the only recordings in which the mikes actually point at the things making the noise. NHGH takes away the best recordings. Introduces the CASTRATION ceremony:

CASTRATION of Guitar Player by SISTER SUSIE THE FLOOZIE -- Rev. Stang reports journalistically... Susie's saucer cult castration explanation. You can hear her sawing... it was a mighty member... manly fellow just stands there smoking a cigaret. 'Cause Dobbs provides... he'll grow a new set, if you don't believe me, check for yourself.

JESUS CHRIST introduces self, "BOB"

Backstage recordings... Susie draped in police barricade tape, bustierre, ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HER!!!

Dynasoar begs for PUDDING, QUICK!!


Dr. Rock In Hand intros

-- Stang valiantly strives to combine his decent but incomplete recordings with the godawful videotape soundtrack to preserve Legume's great rant.
But a Bobbie blabbering wrecks recordings.

Stang bemoans the horrible horrible fate of the Dr. Legume Rant Recordings... "Don't trust anybody under 30". Bobbies finally shut up during CLOCK SMASHING SEQUENCE illustrating Time Control, short crucial portion of Legume's rant preserved!
"WHILE IN THE SHOWERS ON PRISON EARTH, DON'T DROP THE SOAP" -- The Church is like a big ol' dab of Vaseline -- (Stang desperately extracts what tiny bits of Legume sound he can... bitterly regrets not bringing equipment.)

Stang intros Susie's bosom.

SISTER SUSIE THE FLOOZIE -- fairly continuous fragment... the middle of her rant. Sound changes when Stang's $30 handheld deck flops over on its chair (improves). "Are you ready to die gasping on catbox earth?"
Decent recording of big part of wonderful Susie rant! - some breaks, some cuts caused by cussing. "Life is like a box of condoms. It doesn't matter whather you end up with one of the French ticklers, or one of them ribbed numbers... the end result is the same. You still wind up getting FUCKED BAD! But "Bob" and Connie will fuck you GOOD!!" Guitar playing in bg is good but a little loud. GREAT Susie rant... you have to strain to hear it though.

Starts into singalong of HYMN 999 (There's A Pipe In The Sky) by G. Don Trubey -- Stang starts singing along, with Friday Jones. Sounds HORRIBLE. Stang sings along even more horribly with recording of self horribly singing. (Short clip)

JANOR HYPERCLEATS on his cable access show, on HATE CRYSTALS.

Janor Harvey McVeigh collage cont.

JANOR HYPERCLEATS "I touch the crystal to my heart..." Massaging my inner dolphin nature..."

"HOW BAD IS "BOB" RIPPING US OFF" -- Stang answers that question at the Atlanta devival.

Ivan Harvey McVeigh collage clips cont.

JANOR HYPERCLEATS describes deer hunting with Nugent. That time when this cop pulled up next to the pickup and Nugent just held up a brick. THAT PIG... DID NOT DO NOTHIN'!"

Janor's Vision of Heaven: "You're in a TransAm, say a '93, driving towards a concert -- Nugent on center stage, ZZ Top on the right stage, Foghat mostly from Fool from the City on the Left stage, you're going 90 mph, but you don't get any closer to the concert, you remain at optimum distance all the time, you've got Cheryl Tieg and Kathy Ireland on the floorboard, and any time you run out of weed, a pig pulls up, twists off a hooter, and thows it in your car window."

Stang does credits, gives PO Box

Stang in Atlanta, confesses to having, with Jesus and Susie the Floozie, ROBBED THE GRAVE OF JON-BENET RAMSEY of a couple of letters to her, left upon the grave, which Susie showed us in Atlanta. Explains the situation to the crowd, the murdered child story, the National Enquirer approach... THEN:

Stang, reaching for the evil stolen letters, knocked tape deck off pulpit... severely confusing modern day Stang as he mixes the show, as his rant is suddenly replaced by country western music(?). Bemoans the loss of his confessions to the recording skill of NHGH. Skims through tapes in search of the letters stolen from the grave of JON BENET.

Stang weeps over fate of tapes. Goes berserk, seeks to sap slack off listeners, makes accusation about the federal building and deal with greys for soul... figures out why his rant was replaced by country western music on the tape... plays flipside of tape:

Legume: "IS THIS REALLY ANY WEIRDER THAN (names various Christian fanatical activities)... They lie to you... they don't want you to know that the moon is only 3 miles away...

Stang (in studio) reads the 2 letters to Jon-Benet Ramsey that Jesus stole from her grave

Short collage re: the Curse of the Murdered Child and the Beast mentioned in the Book of Boiler Grease.

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