Hour of Slack 601 Austin Devival, Ego Plum and ESO

Media Barrage 5 Jimmy Swaggart on Jesus

Jesus in Austin Devival, Passing the Collection Plate

EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA, WCSB Cleveland, "The Wizard of "Bob" clip



FRIDAY JONES Pro-SubGenius rant #4, "Discover Yr Secret Yeti Heritage"

MB5 Side 2 MB nukes

Stang rant in Austin Devival: "Why Are You Here?" "The Real "BOB""

Mahogany Rush "Land of 1,000 Nights" clip

EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA, edit by Chas Smith, KENNEDY DID NOT DIE, X-Day: Had to Fornicate; Kennedy and Marilyn

Stang Austin Rant -- Looking for People Who Love to Hate

Credits, then long exploration by Stang of new CD by EGO PLUM, many clips of EGO PLUM instrumental songs...


TOM X "Outhouse of the Rising Sun"

Jimi Hendrix "POWER OF SOUL" from "new" album, South Saturn Delta

Brandenburg Concertos #5 Allegro by JS Bach, Wendy Carlos

EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA, THE NEW MAN -- Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Princess Wei explain the New Man of the Future
from ESO 10-9-97, off the Net

EGO PLUM music

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