Hour of Slack 800 (Rerun of #114) "Michael Peppe and QUITTING SMOKING Special" from 1986 or so

A few months ago an aging Dallas SubGenius on alt.slack wistfully requested this old show, although he didn't have the number or date of it. During my computer breakdown I was looking for old shows to rerun and I came across this.

It has some great rants by Michael Peppe, some classic old KPFA SubShow, and also an excruciating set of pain rants I did while trying to quit smoking cigarets. (I failed that attempt; finally succeeded in early 1998.)

Peppe begin
New Intro Movie Collage (Creepshow)
Peppe Why
Stang: Cigaret Withdrawal Crash Symptoms
Peppe "So"
Movie collage
KPFA (Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Howll, Gary G'broagfran" Fake KNON off Reel
KPFA off Doug's
Smoking Rant by Stang -- Kids & Losers
Excerpt from The Mist
Michael Peppe: "Information Whiteout"
High Weirdness
KNON Minority Cart
Michael Peppe "The Lesson"
KPFA off reels -- False KNON
Stang SMOKING rant continued: Brain Cells, Pain Fool Rant
Peppe: "Info Whiteout" cont
PO Box w/ music by Jay Condom
rest of H-114 wk tape -- Dobbs "Treasure of Sierra Madre"

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