HOUR OF SLACK 590 -- STARWOOD "CLUB SWANK" with Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, Einstein's Secret Orchestra, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene

"THERE IS NOTHING IN THE KOOL-AID THAT WILL HARM YOU IF YOU ARE NOT A HUMAN. Drink the Kool Aid... you are being reborn in "Bob". This is the REAL baptism -- if you can laugh at THIS, then you're okay... all right, bottoms up -- "FUCK 'EM IF THEY CAN'T TAKE A JOKE!" (CROWD ALL CHANTS "FUCK 'EM IF THEY CAN'T TAKE A JOKE," SWALLOW KOOL-AID) -- Jesus at Starwood

I, Stang was unable to attaend this year's SubGenius Devival at the Starwood neo-pagan fest (sponsored by A.C.E. of Cleveland), AND I'M GLAD -- only because Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, Einstein's Secret Orchestra, and Jesus H. Christ were thus forced to put on such a GREAT DEVIVAL!!

Side One:

Jesus introduces Bleepo

Bleepo does cheesy "Mr. Bleepo's Neighborhood" intro

then switches to smarmy sleaze-meister, game-show Vegas-host asshole character -- discusses HATING, and HATING STANG. Leads Stang Hate.

Gets serious and tells how Dobbs changed his life.

Mary Magdalene is dancing naked on stage the whole time, except when she is helping Jesus pass the collection plate.


Einstein's Secret Orchestra (Chas & Michelle Smith, Lonesome Cowboy Dave) arrive and play KILLER gosp-hell and blues back-up behind entire rest of show, as it gradually builds to a CLASSIC fever pitch by the end.)

Jesus and Bleepo dispense the Kool Aid... GREAT Kool Aid ceremony!

TESTIMONIES from the CROWD -- several very good testimonials

Healings and Sickenings

INCREDIBLE Bleepo rant about SEXHURT!!! With amazing ESO music

The Luck Plane sermon..... EXCELLENT description of X-Day... "Bob" as a Sex God. Bleepo preaches extemporaneously with nonstop brilliance while ESO cooks.

Short Duration Mass Marriage


Watch Smashing

Those two old Church saws were beautifully reworked by Jesus and Bleepo, simply because they did not have MY SCRIPT! Thus they were forced to compress the routines AND come up with new spew for them. I will transcribe and rip off their improvements for future devivals! And, as always, Einstein's Secret Orchestra is MASTERFUL at PUNCTUATING the preachers and providing a driving "rug" of psycho-sound.

This show was a real pleasure for me to mix, since I HAD NEVER HEARD ANY OF IT BEFORE, and it was SUCH a good devival, AND, it was EXTREMELY WELL RECORDED!! Starwood events on the big stage are recorded by a guy named Regis, who has a sound truck and knows how to work it -- in fact, Regis has probably recorded more SubGenius shows than anyone else besides me.

This was one of the all-time classic Hours of Slack, probably because I'M NOT ON IT! (Except to intro that fact at the beginning, and to occasionally do voice-overs that describe certain visual moments, such as Jesus showing off the slogans of X-Day written on his girlfriend's naked body.)

I would highly recommend this as a "BEST OF" sort of show to those who BUY these things now and then.

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