Hour of Slack 711 -- Xmas-2-K

"THE Y-10,000,000-K BUG"


Title, Stang Intro,
ESO Radio 11-18-99 "26 Year Extinction Cycle"
LUMP OF COAL by Obtuse Xmas CD: #1 and #2, "Angels We Have Heard on High"

ESO 11-4-99 s-2, Is there Xmas in the desert?, y2K Bird cage, Johnny Cash
Michael Shelly "Real Story of Xmas" from Tarquin Records Xmas Allstars CD
The Pork Guys "Rudolph Burger" (same CD)

ESO Thanksgiving Sacrifices; Dave Whips It Out

The Philistines "Angels We Have Heard on High"

Nutter's '92 Xmas: Santa Radio; Ydnax & Sivet Santa scary song; evil Santa; Jonathan Winters Xmas stories, Home to Ohio;


More LUmp of Coal Xmas cuts


The Jethros: "Wreck the Halls"

ESO 11-18-99 "Y2K -- Where's All the Millenium Kooks?" -- Gordon Melton -- "Where's the Plague of Locusts?"

The Jethros "We Wish You a Merry Xmas"

ESO: "UFOs are not from space"

Jimi Hendrix "Silent Night," "Auld Ang Syn"

ESO radio con't: Chas's y2K Survival Pack, "WHat do you do when the Universe ends, how do you outlast the Big Crunch, the cooling of the stars? -- "Punk philosophy" "TOTAL EXTINCTION"

Lump of Coal: "Shop As Usual," "We Three Kings,"

Tarquin Records All Stars: "Do They Know Its Christmas"

ESO: American Indian prophecy of "Bob"


Defender "Sleigh Ride"

ESO: Dave and Wei: "Unworthy of "Bob" Self Help scene"

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