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Jimi... Janis... Jim... John... Drelloid... GG... Janor... Kurt. Well, at least they got off the "J's." I guess they've started on the "K's". Who's next? Keith? (Get it, Who's next?) And what about SID?? And Buddy Holly! It's a shame, man. But it was all predicted in the pamphlet -- right there in SubGenius Pamphlet #2, printed nearly 10 years ago, page 5, it says: "Compared to Slack, NIRVANA is like having your eyes slowly gouged out with a carrot-peeler while receiving electroshock." Well, poor Kurt Cobain obviously agreed. OR DID HE?? Was this plaintive, wailing voice of his lost generation instead SILENCED by the same covert CIA operation known by the fanciful code name, The 39 Steps? We KNOW from the great Larry Buchanan's film, DOWN ON US, aka BEYOND THE DOORS, that the Nixon White House deliberately had Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison MURDERED to prevent their leading the lemming like youth of America in a mass stampede into LSD, free sex and body painting.

So far in the game, the 39 Steps are winning like 15 to zero over 27 year old left handed guitar players from Seattle. It's a STONE BUMMER! Why do the Johns die while the Paul's only APPEAR to?

Yesterday I spent a lot of time being angry. Angry at what you ask. At all the things that make me mad, all the time. They don't bother me when I'm not thinking about 'em... but they get in my face.

It's mainly People that pester me... Conservatives... Republicans... racists... sexists... socialists... Democrats... specists... nasty spoiled kids... ALL of the PRESS, they've become my new Idols of Hate...

I read the most encouraging, tiny short article in the news, allowing as how people in Little Rock were becoming really cynical about the press, because some of these things that appeared about Whitewater in major newspapers like the Wall St. Journal and Newsweek, were PATENTLY BULLSHIT. And the Arkansanians would complain that such and such was a total lie, and the Journal or Newsweek would print the correction at the back of the page. Even the conservative fundamentalist Arkansanians are going, "Gosh, maybe it's NOT a liberal bias media after all, because they sure are stretching the truth, flat out lyin', twisting things... it's SO obvious that the Republican Insiders, the only reason they don't kill Clinton with poison is they're afraid they might get CAUGHT. They will assassinate the Democrats any way they can, not because they're patriots, but because they want the POWAH, and the only thing they've been able to use is that this guy and his wife have had some kind of swinging lifestyle, as if George Bush didn't have girlfriends and Dan Quayle didn't smoke pot... and this stupid two-bit real estate deal in the 70s... the cover-up of which they have succeeded in making look, in the press, somehow, oh, MUCH worse than Watergate, MUCH worse than Iran Contra... because it shows the Presient might have CHEATED!. (Well of course he cheated, Clinton's just another Conspiracy puppet glorp greedy egomaniac Corporate Communist, I'm not defending him, or what he represents... I'm just ATTACKING the OTHER Conspiracy bastards, whose secret police really run things by extortion anyway.) But to Normals, OH, it's okay to lie to congress, have entire wars where thousands are killed and enslaved without Americans ever hearing about how they sponsored it, even after the elected Congress specifically said NO you CAN'T do that... that is AS NOTHING compared to saying American laws don't have to be BIBLICAL, or being an uppity woman whose husband RUNS AROUND, and she DOESN'T CARE!!

It's terrible to get pissed off at your friends and relatives who happen to be fundamentalist conservative NUTS. I was sitting there this morning, reading the paper, going, by the beardlessness of Dobbs, damn it, these Pinks, they ARE Nazis! THIS COUNTRY WOULD GO NAZI IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE if they just put a big enough red white and blue flag in front of the Fuehrer, with enough big pasty roly poly men in front to say enough nasty things, making the complex simple so that all the other good ol' boys can read between the lines... ya know... God I hate it. I hate that Nazi side of America... UGH I hate it, I hate it so much, GOD I hate Nazis, I hate conservative buttboys who're really Nazis and pretend they're not. I hate 'em almost worse than Nazis. At least the German Nazis would come right out and say, "Ya, we tink we da greatest, we kill everybody, (hic), blueerrgh..." Oh no, we're much more subtle here in America nowadays. Get a nice plump rump boy to say "LLLLiberal" with just the right ring in his voice and... his people know what that word means: uppity women, all Jews, all Arabs, most Catholics, all Micronesians, Macronesians, Ceylonese, Negroes, Mexicans, Guatemalans, and even actual WASPS like myself who happen to recognize closet Nazis and Commies when we see 'em, oh yeah, we get thrown into that mix too. 'Course we're the worst ones of all, because we're TRAITORS to the good ol' Pink boy race. And when I hear one of my OWN GOOD SUBGENIUS DOKTOR FRIENDS say something to me like, "Ya know Stang, the most powerful person in this country now is a woman who wasn't even elected..." I looked at him and I said, "I'm ashamed of you... you've fallen right into the trap. Didn't Dobbs tell us 13 years ago that all those Presidents, and their wives, no matter what party, all those characters were just scarecrows put up there to keep the IDIOTS throwing rocks at them, so they wouldn't pay any attention to the REAL powers behind the scenes? Wasn't it you that said that? And now here it is you're falling for this line that this one incredibly powerful person is gonna ruin your country.... now, think about it... aren't you just barking at their latest scarecrow? Haven't they succeeded in distracting you?" ... when one's own loved ones start to talk that way... people who I'll love no matter what, cause they're my old friends or relatives... but that's WHY it makes me SO MAD!!!

And it also makes me mad when actual, true bleeding heart liberals don't realize the dangers, how they've been set up, nor NEARLY how bad it is! When they open their mouths about politics what comes out sounds like the conservative's cartoons of them. Rush Limbaugh quotes them ... "Oh, well, the Liberals will just say, it's only because she's a women! Well, what about K. Bailey Hutchison down in Texas? Habrbrbrbrbr...." Aargh... it's like... it ticks me off that well meaning people set themselves up and play along with that propaganda game, and in some cases actually BECOME the hand-wringing commies that the fundamentalist right-wing idiots make them out to be. Ugh it ticks me off, oooh it makes memad. Habbrrbrbrbrbrbr...

It's gotten to where Middle of the Road, which is Clinton, means COMMUNIST, and "LIBERAL" means DEMON, and nobody even TALKS about RADICALS anymore... hell to hear some people talk, CLINTON's a RADICAL!!!

I'll tell ya who's RADICAL... the fundamentalists. They wanna put you behind bars in case SOME DAY you might be CONTAGIOUS! (go to Galveston GOP wants to quarantine AIDS sufferers.

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