HOS 671 --#456 Starwood rerun w/ New Papa Joe Mama

I was ball to the walls on 5 deadlines, so this show is mostly a classic rerun from 1994 -- but lesser segments have been replaced with a BRAND NEW, SUPER-OFFENSIVE PAPA JOE MAMA "Nazi Hero" HATE-rant! You'll LOVE it!


Hendrix Woodstock, Silica Gel "Remember"; TITLE, Hendrix "What, me worry?"

Church Panel, Atlanta DragonCon 1994 - Fr. Joe Mama on Xians; Nanzi Regalia, Philo, Susie the Floozy

STARWOOD DEVIVAL/RADIO: "Forgot to start the show, Bleepo -- must do Puz Ev intro -- "

Dr. Howll Intro from KPFA
Phineas Narco edit of death of "Bob" collage

Bleepo-Stang at Starwood '94 -
- FRIEND ARE YOU READY TO KILL "BOB"? There's SERIOUS BOBBIES here... how do they prove they trust "Bob"? They'll spout, make up cute stories.. but... Ready to KILL him? Break free from BOB!!
Bleepo sings LONESOME TRAIN... Bob was wonderful man... Bob can mean Slack or can SUCK it out of you! BOB SPELLED BACKWARDS STILL SPELLS M.O.O.N....

7-94 ESO RADIO, WCSB Cleveland, w/ Chas Smith, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei R. Doe, Rev. Ivan Stang: One side 2:
Listen to them frogs. FROG FX. Throat FX, The Harvest fx. That bucket's almost full now... them souls are runnin' over the edge. Made a pretty good haul.

Caller: bunch of idiots. We're PAID to be idiots. I feel sorry for those intelligent people... how disturbing to be so painfully aware... EARTHQUAKE... praise Bob we're being punished! We must've done the right thing! You guys are pre-fetal! You're spermatazoic! You're DNA-like! It was genetic humor, ma'am. Once you get that power...

STARWOOD Stang: Meet your clandestiny... slavery under Dobbs
Stang reads NENSLO rant... we don't seriously expect anyone to understand Dobbs. DEVIL WORSHIPPERS etc. by Nenslo!

NEW to HoS 671:

Starwood: MUST HATE EVERYTHING!!! good hate-squared

ESO radio continued: weird ECHO mouth music w/ Wei -- goofy laughing... coffing... Heunh's...
Caller says we are idiots... ashamed of ourselves. Sorry.



Credits w/ Ymmot Zepol bg music

CHURCH PANEL from Dragon Con -- X-day time zones


Starwood Intro to pink song by Joan Galt, PINK LIFE...

PAPA JOE MAMA rant continued

Rev. Bleepo marveling over REVELATION X, 2 years in making, 5 days in stores... book crap... HAL rant from book!

ESO radio continued: -- my UFO Lorenzo Blacklance reservation story.... LCD on UFOs in NY... the totem poles are the heads of the UFO pilots... White Buffalo Woman, the Pipe Stone, ... the Iriquois invented the UFO. Indians and enemies... the word "Sioux"... Russel Means... Wounded Kneee... vs. Koresh. WE MUST MAKE TIME MACHINE TO GO TO THE PAST AND CORRECT EVERYTHING!!!But... time contradictions... it's a paradox... the cat in the box... Shroedinger vs. Heidigger, Einstein was sold an elevator and he only had a one story house... but he could USE the elevator in the backwards time stream, he had the last laugh. PARTICLE PHYSICS rant on the continuum. Apes take over the planet.

STARWOOD con't: Any questions? What is Slack? OK then (Fuck 'Em) So much for radio broadcast. NEWS OF THE WEIRD de Bleepo --((NARRATE: Dobbs falls) the limp Dobbshead -- Bob does that too -- Eckankar story, we dared to laugh... leads into SEXHURT rant... just don't have a limp Dobbshead... they can see you...
Bleepo reads News of Weird question about SLACK, concrete woman...
Floatin' in a sea of Slack!

ESO RADIO continued: Dave & Chas argue... a Tibetan Moment... Bob and the Dalai Lama. Nothingness. The silence of ONAN.
Occulted knowledge -- BOB has the MAP... we could get that map... free Charlie... we'd GIT them panties, we'd get into the Forbidden Plateau!
(SFX break) Princess Wei on ONAN device... laughs on caller line.
From the Land Beyond Beyond... Finnegan's Wake.
Mystical stuff. INSANE
It's time we dipped the chocolate covered prairie squid... stepped on the guitar computer... caller and book quote.beauraucracy

Stang does credits and addresses.

Had this been an actual HoS show... token radio show... token SAMPLED MIX OF
RADIO PREACHERS (Nathan Vinsent)
(Imagine driving down the highway scanning the radio and it land on this...)
We would also cut to other shows... Sister Susie the Floozie... "Death cops a feel" --

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