Hour of Slack 729 Legume Vs. ESO, Euclid Tavern Devival 3

ZZ TOP "Just Gopt Paid"

ESO 3-9-00 Side 2 "Chas vs. Canada; Legume quits Holocaustals; Stang on Yankee Redneckery; Legume on The Sword in Mary's Heart

Winterstar 2000 "Our Alien Ancesters" Stang

Euclid Tavern Stang rant continued

Hans Reichel "LE BAL" from Gravikords album

ESO 3-9-00 Stang passes a "Bob"

uclid Tavern Stang rant, "Involuntary Slack,"


Susan Rawcliffe "Aquaknots" (from gravikords)

Winterstar 2000 Stang rant cont

YMA SUMAC "Earthquake"

Winterstar Stang, "Definition of the CXhurch"


ESO 3-2-00 The Unclean Future

Stang at Euclid -- Rocket Away, XXX-Day, Alien Science = Magic or... COINCIDENCE?? -- God, "Bob" and the Devil


ESO 3-2-00 (2) Dave Schedules the Euclid Show
ESO, Stang at Euclid Tavern: Sex & Frop, Riders on the Storm, FROP, Animated Bathroom Walls, Improv rant, Slack Off! HELP US SELL OUT, our new slogans

ESO 3-2-00 Dave's "Pain CDs"

ESO/Stang at Euclid "We Want the World and we Want it Now", Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

ESO 3-2-00 FARTS

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