I have been so busy that there are parts of this show that I STILL haven't actually HEARD. This one was produced around 3 in the morning between 3D Dobbstown renders. IT HAD TO BE DONE QUIETLY!!


Hal intro, Title

MORPHINE: "The Other Side"

Stang briefly explains that this'll mostly be a music show, but we have to be quiet.

REV. JOHN SHIRLEY: "Preach" (a spoken preacher-rant -- excerpted and interspersed throughout the show.)

The View: "Uncontrollable Urge" (brief clip)

DEVO: "Girl U Want, Ennio Morricone Style" from live bootleg, 11-11-82 (VERY different from studio versions; uses FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE theme)

Knifelust: "Shrivel Up" (very industrial style treatment -- even uglier than DEVO's)

Jupiter: "Mongoloid" (Upbeat, highly retarded version)

The Firemen: "Jocko Bozo" (Evil clowns rip off the DEVO theme and use their own lyrics)


The Deadliners: "Mongoloid" (VERY devolved version)

Bakersfield Booji Boys: "Okie from Muskogee" (the country classic AS IF done by DEVO)

Stang guests by phone on WFMU, 7-4-97, Chris T's show Aerial View -- on-the-scene-report on the Drill, with Sosodada

Lonnie and the DEVOtions: "Jocko Homo" (doo-wop style)

The Doguloids: "Blockhead" (fairly faithful to the orig.)

Touch-Tone Tuners: "Jocko Homo" (The ultimate version of this song/concept. More DEVO than DEVO.)

Stang does PO Box.

HATE FOR A PINK PLANET by Cuthulu, 3rd piece in on Side 1 -- EXCELLENT industrial-barrage-dance-mix. Pure SubGenius. Buy his tape. Download his uploads.

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