Hour of Slack 717

Boffo Bros Intro-WRUW clips w/ tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE new CD #38

Stang Intro "I Told You So" Y2K with bg music B.L.S. "The Sun Road"

Flyin' Ryan Brothers: "Said and Done"

G. Don Trubey: "Listen to This"

ESO 12-2-99 w/ Friday Jones: Squid-Insect Sex Bug Porn Sequence-- Stang Transforms, Egg Sac Sex; Weave Yr Own Web; THE STORY OF LITTLE JOE THE EGG,

ESO Thanksgiving -- Chas the Rock Star, Wear Your Mask

Flyin Ryan Bros. "Said and Done" continued, mixed with Christian Y2k chip rant -- "Tesla, Edison and Demons"

ESO 1-7-99 WEFT -- Stang's big insane BIG SCIENCE "MY GOD MAN!" rant on moriality


Y2K local news clip

Stang after y2K disaster destroys civilization, talking on a ruined deck that's running on the last batteries in the world.

tENT music

ESO Radio 1-6-00 (side 2) "IODINE 131" song; The Stunt Dave gets the diseases; Stang Stunt Doubles, The Red Pill and the Blue Pill; The Astral Cyberlanes;

tENT music

ONION radio CD: Clinton's Alien Dick press conference

ESO 1-6 Chas and The Pipe of Hell


State of Decay radio -- Demons and Hitler

ESO 1-6-00 Fat Pils, Leakage and Depends; PRUNES; OLD STANG CHEMO- BEND YOU RIGHT OVER-MAN, The Evolution Will Not Be Televised

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