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AHYES dear friends, that was Oingo Boingo, now calling themselves the Boingos or something, off their new album Boingo... finally a decent album from them... I thought their last 2 or 3 were kind of... half-butted... too ... self pitying and not hateful enough. Like last week's show. But I thought that song, "Insanity," just... says it all, especially regarding the philosophy of this mighty Church of the SubGenius. Much like so many of the older Oingo Boingo songs, from back, ah yes, in the good old days. Back in THEM days... well anyway...
And that was probably the most NORMAL music you'll hear tonight. You will hear more music the next two shows than you usually get with your Hour of Slack... we're still struggling with equipment and finances here but What the Hell, it's HIGH TIME we SHUT UP our YAPPIN' FLAPPIN' JAWS for awhile and lisened to some of the musical tapes, CDs and albums that have been coming into the sacred Post office box. So clean out your eardrums, bend over and stick out your pencils, because we'll be giving not only the identities but also the addresses of these fine arteests and where you can get your own copies. Because very few SubGenius stores and no human stores at all carry most of what we play. This stuff is all done by independent recording fiends, undistributed and untainted by the mainstream or even the ALTERNATIVE music business for that matter, MUCH LIKE THIS SHOW, and we true Children of "Bob" like to scratch each other's backs and wallets... 'cause ain't no Pink Boy gonna do it for us.

Some of what we'll be playing is produced directly for and about our high epopt J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. Other pieces had nothing to do with our Church ORIGINALLY, or THAT THEY KNEW OF, but, upon listening we see that they perfectly exemplify at least one or two aspects of the SubGenius mindset or mind playset.

Now, the first 12" single we'll be a-spinnin' came to us just recently from Chris Korda and his Kevorkian Records label (some of which is heard in the background). Now, the record came with, among other things, a flyer stating the following:
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Let's just peak down into the grooves of this groovy platter.
I should cut in here and mention thatChris Korda, the arteest here, not only runs Kevorkian records but also the Church of Euthanasia -- rather a pacifistic Church compared to ours, I must say; in fact I think that while SubGenii already have their own church, they should prosyletize this religion on every Pink Boy and Normal Person they know. For here are the Four Pillars of the Church of Euthanasia:

Comes with not only keen bumper stickers that say SAVE THE PLANET KILL YOURSELF, but also a length of ROPE and instructions on how to make a HANG<MAN'S KNOT. And look at all these other cool things from the Church of Euthanasia... (GIVE ADDRESS)

Now play OBSOLETE, and OBE song 2...

Achey Breaky Heart

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