Hour of Slack 718

Over The Edge intro clip

Stang Rant: re: Time Magazine, "J.R. Is SO"

ESO Radio, Thanksgiving 99, Dave "ad"; The Only Way We CAN End Up; Jim Morrison vs. Hendrix

Dr. Bizarro and the Disgustos: "Smells Like Kurt Kobain"


Hemorroy Rogers "I Can't Go to the Bathroom"

KPFA: NuNu Age (from Media Barrage 12-b)

Metal Men : Phenominimal" and "Bull by the Horns"


Media Barrage 11: Pope Meyer "Or Kill Me" and Byron Werner collage, Parakeet Training Tape, Bob was a Robot, OverMan

The Jethros "Unchained Melody"


The Gomers "Sulu"

Credits with Jethros "Having My Baby"

ESO 11-11-99 end with Psycho Bleepo, Wei, Dave in tripped out "I TOOK TOO MUCH" sequence

Training Tape

Little Fyodor: "Get Out of My Head"

Gwar: "Sick of You"

Credits with The Button

ESO 11-11-99 End with Psycho Bleepo -- GREAT END -- Pry Open Yr 18th Circuit -- Brain Hole Where You Keep Your Weed In There -- group "Take Me Home" singalong

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