Hour of Slack 627 Portland Devival Pt. 3 (Stang rant), ESO


COSMIC VOYEUR music (El Diablo's CD) behind Stang reading News Report on GOD'S EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIR

EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA ESO Radio 3-12-98 (WCSB Cleveland) with REV. BLEEPO ABERNATHY guest and Lonesome Cowboy Dave

Clips from the 1997 movie of THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU interspersed throughout

DR. HOWLLAND OWL live at PORTLAND DEVIVAL (sound fx by Mark Hosler, Rev. Bunnylove, Rev. Otis Odder) on The Escape Vessels of the Sex Goddesses

ESO 1-1-98 -- "ESCAPE VESSELS" (Chas and Dave only)

REV. SUSIE THE FLOOZIE -- "Armageddon Tired of Waiting for It" from WREK Atlanta... end of her astounding Media Barrage tape edit


Rev. G. DON TRUBEY "Hymn 999" (aka "There's a Pipe in the Sky")


KKK song -- LEGUME and ED STRANGE on Prozak Free Radio, WMUH Allentown PA


LEGUME on "Whitey"

ESO 3-19-98 -- Stang rags out Bleepo regarding Declaring One's Own SubGenius Titles and Ranks

THE DUKE OF UKE live at Portland devival "I WANNA BE SEDATED"

KPFA Berkeley Subshow with Dr. Howll, Puzzling Evidence "Janor" tape with Phineas Narco -- "THE MARRIAGE OF AUNT BERTHA and JANOR"

Rev. IVAN STANG live at Portland devival, Part 1 -- opening through "WAR ON GOD" (sound fx by Mark Hosler, Rev. Bunnylove, Rev. Otis Odder)

ESO Radio "ARE WE NOT MEN/BREAK ON THROUGH" clip off Audioactive)

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