HoS 674 -- Winterstar Preachin' N Jammin'

Because I had to leave town to preach at the Winterstar Festival in Ohio, Hour of Slack 673 was an exact replay of Chas Smith's EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA BASEMENT STUDIO TAPES VOLUME 13, uncut (featuring the usual gang of idiots, but not editted by I, Stang).

This show, 674, and also 675 to follow, are mostly composed of material recorded by me and ESO over the Winterstar weekend of March 6-7 1999, with some crucial additions from Rev. Susie the Floozy's superb Connieite media barrage clips.

EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA = Chas Smith, keyboards, vocals, drum machines; Lonesome Cowboy Dave, guitars and vocals; Michele George, violin; normally Bob Mozik is on drums, but not this time; and the special guest on weird vocals, nutty noises and guffawed wordage is Princess Wei "R." Doe, Queen of ALL the UFOs.


Tim Leary "Beyond Life" intro;
ESO Vol. 14 Dave: "The body is MAGIC!"
DEVIVAL at Winterstar 99 -- intro by Stang, Chas on organ: "The Mask Comes With The Pipe"

ESO Radio (live on WCSB, Cleveland): "FIRST EARTH" rant; Spread Wide for the Final Ride: XX Day

ESO jam music under:
STANG Winterstar description:

"I DID IT! I managed to deliver my new "Science Versus Religion" rant to a convention full of pagans, new agers and assorted other religious nuts, and I dressed it up in so many little gags and plays on words that I had them COMPLETELY CHARMED, like a snake in the henhouse, AHHHH YESSSss, the HARVEST. It was only later that it sunk in what I had actually been saying to them. And even then some of them got it wrong. This one gal came up to me at a party afterwards and said, "Your patriarchal "Bob" religion is offensive to me as a Goddess worshipper." I was happy to launch into a tirade about "I guess you haven't HEARD, Connie Dobbs and her dag-blasted Connietites have been RUNNING this stupid cult since 1982! And that's STILL not enough for you!" That seemed to throw her. She didn't want to admit that, well, no, she HADN'T heard...

It was a GREAT WINTERSTAR! The two main stars, Robert Anton Wilson and Magnus the Magician (both fellow SubGenii), had to cancel, which allowed ME and EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA to get a whole lot more attantion. I preached my sermon while Cantor Chas Smith played with his huge organ -- you know how those Smith boys are -- but that was just our excuse for having a PSYCHEDELIC SPACE JAM IN CABIN 15!

Normally, at Winterstar, which is held at a ski lodge with cabins on one road and a big hotel on the other, the coolest where it's happening place is Cabin 17 after hours, where the pagan drummers hammer away all night while the other weirdos dance in their witchy way.

But THIS Winterstar, it was the CABIN 15 ESO SPACE JAM!

Actually it wasn't just ESO, it was ESO plus A.C.E., rather, the main founders/sounders of ACE (mainly RON SLABE on many synthesizers, plus Jeff Rosenbaum on guitar, Victoria Ganger on congas and Joe Rothenberg on Theremin)... "ESO-ACE," one might say. I looked for an anagram and came up with:

The combination of these two bands of outlaws represents the CUTTING EDGE in Pagan Swamp Trance Witch Disco.

I spent all nights Friday and Saturday alternately checking the recordings and frob-hopping with my Yankee friends in the "side rooms."
ESO and I also recorded hours of live radio show AND basement studio swamp tape. Most of which sounds like a bunch of 4 year olds blabbering away to themselves in a sandbox, just as if they were paying any attention AT ALL to each other."

ESO Radio 3-4-98: Our 11 Million listeners; Pray for the Church Van's Timing Chain; "Bob" vs. Dave vs. Bill Gates -- Showdown on Main Street

Leary "Beyond Life" excerpt

ESO Vol. 15: intro collage;
Vol. 14: Dave: "The Baby Jesus versus the Plutonium Storm"

ESO Space Jam 2 (from Cabin 15 at Winterstar, with Ron Slabe): "NASA Launch Clips Instrumental"

Stang Winterstar devival: "THE Y-ZERO-K BUG" rant

ESO Vol. 14: Dave: "The World is Coming to an End, Endlessly

ESO Space Jam Cabin 15: "BANG A GONG" cover


ESO Vol. 14: Dave: "ONE LAW" rant

Rev. SUSIE THE FLOOZY collage from her WREK-Atlanta show, "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse: "Maneaters" and Annie Sprinkle "Sluts and Goddesses" kook sex narration collage

ESO 3-4-98: Rocket motors are channelled explosions; The ALternated Dave unfurls his DNA chains; Dave's moonpants problems


Susie the Floozy, Bad Girl Collage continued

Stang Winterstar devival: "Masks of the Internet";

ESO 3-4-98: Zero G Highs

Leary clip

Stang WInterstar devival: "Your Life Worth $30"; "Xists are Coming -- Must Get Off";

ESO Vol. 14: Dave: on YOUR End of the World

Stang: PO BOXes


Vol. 15: "The World HAS Ended!"

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